The French Air Force Training Eagles To Spot And Hunt Latest Drones

17 January 2017, 5:20 am EST By Hemal Vora Mobile & Apps

Eagles are gaining popularity as one of the best anti-drone tools in The French Air force. On January 12, 2017, the French Air Force announced that they have trained eagles to function as Anti-drone tools and hunt down the latest drones. The Eagles not only take down the illegally present unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) but also identifies them well ahead of the handlers of the vehicle. They have been trained not only to attack these drones but also to hunt them down.

Eagles are "Most Effective and Least Expensive" Anti-Drone Tools

According to the French Air Force, the eagles are the newly found solution to respond terrorist threats. The eagles training is a part of the anti-drone program named MILAD. The MILAD anti-drone program also uses other conventional tools, such as signal-jammers, that play a vital role in taking down the drones. According to the Telegraph, Eagles are the least expensive yet the most effective means adopted by the French Air Force to take down any suspicious latest drones. Hence, they began training a group of eagles during the summer.

Eagles Naturally Hunt UAVs for Sport

It is notable that Eagles carry a natural urge to hunt down UAVs. Hence, they do not require any sort of a special training in this regard. For instance, in Australia, the Giant wedge-tailed eagles have been reported to have caused damages worth over $100,000 by preying upon the surveyor drones of a mining company, for which they never underwent any training, as reported by Inverse.

First Batch Of Trained Eagles Will Clear For Duty In Summer 2017

The French Air Force is not the first one to train Eagles against rogue drones. The Dutch police force and the British prisons also follow similar programs against suspicious UAVs. The French Air Force said that they have built a microwave gun that will disable latest drones. They also said that they will look out for more practical ways to implement the strategy after the first batch of trained eagles are cleared for duty in summer 2017.

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