Nintendo Switch Specs Revealed In New Leaked Document

16 February 2017, 7:10 am EST By JP Mobile & Apps

Nintendo has been coy about the specs of its new hybrid game console only revealing some details about Nintendo Switch features without diving into its hardware specifications. A recent leaked Nintendo Switch document that was released for game developers has found its way online and may have just revealed Nintendo's long kept secrets.

Up until today, Nintendo has not yet released the complete information about the Nintendo Switch. The hardware specifications and other details about the Switch have been kept secret from the video game community for reasons that Nintendo only knows.

However, a recent alleged Nintendo Switch leaked document may have just unveiled what Nintendo has been hiding. The document was released on Reddit and can also be seen in Neogaf.

The recent leak contained a rundown of the Nintendo Switch internal specifications. These details have not been officially released by the video game company.


The Nintendo Switch will have a quad-core ARM Cortex -A57 CPU under its hood. The Switch is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 2GHz. The Nintendo Switch GPU, according to the leaked document, will be a Maxwell-based Nvidia chip with 256 CUDA cores. The leaked Nintendo Switch GPU specs negated the rumored Pascal-based Nvidia GPU for the hybrid game console.

The Nintendo Switch Maxwell GPU is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 1GHZ. The GPU will also feature one teraflop of processing power.

The Nintendo hybrid video game console will also have 4GB of RAM. The Switch's cartridge will have a maximum size of 32GB.

The Nintendo Switch specs revealed in the leaked document is said to be those that were used when Nintendo is still developing the hybrid video game console under the NX codename. These specs may already be upgraded when the Nintendo Switch hit store shelves on March 3.

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