‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Introduces 4 New Heroes: Seliph, Julia, Eirika & Ephraim; Announces Upcoming Changes

16 February 2017, 11:55 am EST By CJ Estimada Mobile & Apps

"Fire Emblem Heroes" is a free-to-play tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. It was launched earlier this month on iOS and Android. The game is a mobile spin-off of the "Fire Emblem" series. As of this writing, it's no. 13 on the iOS App Store's Top Grossing charts, a few spots ahead of "Pokemon Go."

"Fire Emblem Heroes" heroes list is now four stronger. As there is no official "Fire Emblem Heroes" list, the introduction of the new, 5-star heroes brings with it a new focus called Family Bonds. This influences what characters players will obtain while summoning.

New Heroes & Surprise News

According to Nintendo Everything, these new heroes are from "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones." They are Ephraim: Restoration Lord (Blue) and Eirika: Restoration Lady (Red), while Seliph: Heir of Light (Red) and Julia: Naga's Blood (Green) are from the Japan-only "Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War." These heroes are added as part of the Family Bonds summoning event.

To announce the new heroes, Nintendo also added three new missions to the Paralogues section of the Story Maps. Previously, the section was grayed out, but if players tap on Paralogues now, they'll see that Paralogue 1: Family Bonds is added to the list. Players can now play through all three Paralogue maps on Normal, Hard and Lunatic difficulty to gather up to nine free orbs to spend on new heroes, shares GameSpot.

More Upcoming Changes on "Fire Emblem Heroes"

Players are advised to ensure the collection of rewards before they vanish as the Paralogue Maps and the interconnected quests will only be available for a limited time. Additionally, Nintendo also sent out notifications to inform players of updates that would arrive for the app in the coming weeks.

The launch event has been extended "indefinitely." Also, starting next week, the Training Tower will see new rewards added on Mondays. Sometime in "early March," characters will also be able to earn experience from combat when they kill enemies that are at much lower levels.

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