Recent 'Fire Emblem Heroes' Update Will Not Implement Planned Energy Requirement Changes

16 February 2017, 7:44 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

"Fire Emblem Heroes" has just received its first substantial update after its successful launch on Feb. 2, 2017. The recently released update for the Nintendo tactical Role Playing Game introduced new characters, unveiled a new side quest and has also added some improvements to the RPG's gameplay.

Nintendo's "Fire Emblem Heroes" has surged atop the mobile game ranking the moment it was released on Feb. 2. The initial success of "Fire Emblem Heroes" was, however, short-lived as numerous players have already finished almost all of the story missions. A number of players have also voiced out their frustrations about the characters' very low stamina.

The frustration due to the low stamina was even magnified by a news that Nintendo is planning to increase the "Fire Emblem Heroes" energy cost for some of the game's more popular features. The huge cost of leveling a character up is also considered as a source of frustration in the game.

The recently unveiled "Fire Emblem Heroes" update seem to address the problems that players have been complaining about. Though it did not address all the issues that fans of the Nintendo mobile RPG pointed out, the recent update still managed to give what players wanted to see from the game.

The recent "Fire Emblem Heroes" update extended the app launch period bonus up until March 14. This means players will still be getting two orbs for logging in.

The "Fire Emblem Heroes" World Wide Launch celebration will also be extended indefinitely. This means the energy cost for the Training Tower will remain half and zero energy will still be required for equipping skills.

Nintendo has initially planned on increasing the stamina cost for Training Tower strata. This plan was immediately decried by "Fire Emblem Heroes" players and even sparked a campaign to directly contact Nintendo to no longer push through with the plan. With the recent "Fire Emblem Heroes" update, it looks like Nintendo did listen to its fans.

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