Nintendo Set to Roll Out Huge ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Update Next Month, Permadeath and New Modes to be Featured [VIDEO]

16 March 2017, 9:14 am EDT By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

Nintendo has now announced that they will be making some significant changes to their highly popular free to play tactical mobile video game, "Fire Emblem Heroes." The changes range from new battles features, new rules, and big events to further engage current players and entice new players to join in.

According to Polygon, the company will start to roll out the update next month. The new "Fire Emblem Heroes" update is apparently meant to increase the difficulty level of the game to make it more in line with its console and handheld counterparts. The game is of course closely built to be in line with the rest of the "Fire Emblem" games, which means that making it a bit more challenging is a given.

The big "Fire Emblem Heroes" April update will be bringing a couple of new ways to battle, including a new defense mode that will require players to clear out a map in a limited number of turns. Additionally, the game is set to finally receive its permadeath feature, which essentially means that careless players can lose their precious heroes should their party be wiped out in certain modes.

The new permadeath feature will reportedly be enabled in certain in-game events and specific multiplayer modes that will be rolled out in the coming months. The original games in the "Fire Emblem" franchise actually don't allow players to revive their allies, which has apparently changed in the newer games to provide a more casual gameplay experience.

The game does include some micro-transactions, which means that some players probably spent a bit of money to acquire some of their heroes. This means that player will need to be very careful, and as Nintendo puts it, use "tactical thinking" less they want to lose their favorite characters.

"Fire Emblem Heroes" remains to be one of Nintendo's most popular games for mobile. The game was originally released worldwide early last month, on Feb. 2, and was made available for both Android and iOS.

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