Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]; Microsoft's 'Ultimate Mobile Device' Will Not Be A Phone?

15 April 2017, 11:56 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps
Microsoft Surface Phone new edition 2017 is highly unlikely to be launched at Microsoft's upcoming May 2 event.  ( PHConcepts / YouTube )

Despite cementing its position as a leading desktop manufacturer, Microsoft is lagging behind in the smartphone segment. Thus, it is imperative for the Redmond-based tech titan to pack its new Surface Phone with an array of jaw-dropping specs and features.

Microsoft Surface Phone will be taking on the likes of Samsung and Google when it hits the store shelves, but there's no official word regarding exactly when the highly-anticipated handset will arrive. Nevertheless, the rumor mill has been in overdrive, churning all sorts of speculations regarding the Surface Phone's release date, specs, and other features. Let's delve straight into the details.

Microsoft Surface Phone Specifications & Features

Tech pundits believe Microsoft's 'ultimate mobile device' will be cashing in on the company's strong points rather than its weak points. A considerable number of tech critics claim that Microsoft's mobile ecosystem is feeble and as a result, its new Surface Phone might fail to sweep smartphone enthusiasts off their feet. In fact, a report from Windows Central suggests the device Microsoft is trotting out as its ultimate mobile device may not even be a phone.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella acknowledged the smartphone contention between top-notch handset makers such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, without conceding the mobile space. Nadella also gave Microsoft's ultimate mobile device his stamp of approval. Those who have restlessly been waiting for the Surface Phone can expect it to run Microsoft's applications and also operate as a mini desktop.

Microsoft has reportedly been planning to create a smartphone that also works like a book or a laptop. Another idea points to a Surface Phone that could be folded into a tablet. The Microsoft Surface Phone could turn out to be the most secure smartphone if rumors proved to be true.

While nothing is set in stone, PC World claims the Surface Phone could be a foldable device, running PC applications. The purported phone will be targeting business and corporate users.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date

With rumors regarding the Surface Phone's specifications continue running rampant all over the internet, the burning question on everyone's mind is when exactly Microsoft Surface Phone will be announced.

Microsoft is planning to hold a special hardware and software event codenamed "Bespin" on May 2 in New York City and the tech firm has already started emailing out press invites. The event kicks off 9:30 AM ET on May 2, but it looks like the Surface Phone will not be making an appearance at the event.

Sources that are well-acquainted with Microsoft's plans told TheVerge that a Surface Phone or a new Surface Pro device are highly unlikely to be announced at the event, dashing hopes for a new smartphone from Microsoft.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is likely to unveil at least one piece of new hardware at the looming event. According to the report, the company might take this opportunity to give tech buffs a brief glimpse of its hardware design for the Xbox Project Scorpio, just days before its scheduled E3 event in June. Microsoft could alternatively reveal the successor to the Surface 3, which was targeted at students.

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