PS Vita Boasted Big Market In The U.S. In 2012: Report

27 December 2012, 9:32 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Sony’s latest handheld gaming console PS Vita has had its share of problems since the day it first arrived. However, it seems like that hasn’t affected the device’s sale in the U.S. at all and the company can finally let go a sigh of relief with the device’s current popularity status.

Per reports, the PS Vita currently boasts its biggest market in the U.S. with 900,001 units. The new information was disclosed by UK-based magazine gamesTM, which covers sales for the handheld in the past 11 months.

With the sale in the U.S. leading the charts, Japan comes in second with 536,846 units. The sales in the UK, France, and Germany make up the remaining top five with 238,429 units; 218,787 units; and 143,995 units, respectively.

While the new numbers may come as a shock to most fans and critics all over the world, there is no possible explanation as to how the U.S. managed to become the handheld’s primary sales area ahead of Japan, especially when it was Japan that made the PSP such a success.

Now this may be a shock, but it seems like it worked out pretty well for Sony, who back in August, stated that the new device was mostly keeping up with the company’s sales expectations, though in some places it was off pace.

"Worldwide, the Vita is pretty much along where we would expect it to be, maybe trending behind in certain territories," Hirai told Reuters on the sidelines of IFA, Europe's biggest consumer trade show, held in Berlin.

With the current numbers now revealed, it may seem logical that any real big release’s primary target is the U.S., and the Vita has done just that.

"Back in 2006-2007 people were saying PlayStation 3 is not happening, it's dead, but today it's a great platform, contributes bottom line to us. You need to look back 5, 10 years for these platforms to tell whether they are successful," Hirai also added at that time.

“With the economic uncertainty that cripples much of Europe, one could say that consumers have less disposable cash to spend on high ticket items such as the Vita,” The Silent Chief report states. However, with a promised price cut on track for the near future, PS Vita sales may improve in 2013, not just in Europe but worldwide as well.”

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