Nintendo 3DS Hacked: Hackers Running Custom Code?

1 January 2013, 8:31 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Nintendo, it seems, is back in some fresh problems at the start of the New Year. Per reports, a bunch of hackers have started posting a boatload of pictures of the attempted and, somewhat, successful hack of the gaming console.

The console has been out there for a couple of years now and this is the first time that the device has encountered any such hacking issues. However, with more and more users getting frustrated with Nintendo's region locking and other such policies, it could be seen to a few as a good thing in disguise.

The new image was posted on a Web site called Tiny Cartridge, where a 3DS hacker called Coder Xcution showed his exploits and capability with the device, and how the 3DS is not too far from being completely hacked.

Another hacker, Neimod, revealed that he was in full control of the partially hacked system and could even use a retail game to exploit the device's current state, although he stated that his final intention was not to support or enable piracy in any way.

"Coder Xcution is showing off homebrew tests like the image, and now another hacker named Neimod claims to have full control of the system in kernel mode with an unmodified 3DS and an exploit that uses a specific retail game," the Tiny Cartridge report states.

"While he says this exploit could be easily patched, Neimod notes that "with full kernel control, anything is possible," including circumventing the 3DS's pesky region lock.

This has been a brand new breakthrough for these hackers since their breakthrough with the device just a week ago, "when someone finally managed to breach the handheld's protections and run custom code on the device."

At that time, renowned game console hacker Yellows8 claimed to have circumvented the 3DS' securities and run custom code on the device. The hacker, reportedly, "was able to run this code with the latest firmware installed, though technical issues disabled the 3D LED and have so far prevented the system from displaying graphics."

GBAtemp member SifJar, on the hacking issue, later wrote: "There are only two known vulnerabilities for code execution, and both would most likely be patched at once, so I'd guess it's unlikely there'll be a release unless another, more unique, vulnerability [is] found for Yellows8 (and those he chooses to share with) to use for further exploration once the released exploit is patched."

Neimod, with the latest hack success, adds that he has no intention of allowing others to make use of this hack to load pirated software.

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