Alan Wake 2 Hinted By Remedy Via Facebook?

2 January 2013, 7:35 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

It seems like 'Alan Wake' could be back for its dedicated fans and players for a highly anticipated second round. Per reports, 'Alan Wake' developer Remedy has decided to push out a surprise teaser early in the New Year, and has dropped a hint that something is coming in 2013.

Remedy has posted the new information on its official Facebook page and has hinted that the company is preparing to show something new very soon. While nothing can be stated officially as to what really it is; there are high chances that it could be a brand new 'Alan Wake' game - Alan Wake 2 - or it could also be a new DLC. However, a new DLC may seem highly improbable considering that the company has already pushed out a number of DLCs, and now people just want to see a brand new game for the New Year.

Moreover, 'Alan Wake' and 'Max Payne' writer, Sam Lake, has also unveiled that Remedy will be revealing this year what the company has been up to all this time. "Happy New Year, all you lovely people! In 2013 we can finally start revealing what we've been up to. Can hardly wait. It'll be cool," Lake tweeted.

VG247 has shed more light on the new 'Alan Wake' teaser, and states: "As the original game was initially an Xbox 360 exclusive, the rumor mill is suggesting that Alan Wake 2 will be an Xbox 720 exclusive, which while plausible, is highly speculative, although an E3 2013 reveal at the usual Microsoft pre-show conference could be a good shout."

The first 'Alan Wake' game was released back in 2009 for the Xbox 360 amidst a massive competition from the PlayStation 3 and even on the Xbox 360 with the ultimate game of the year 'Red Dead Redemption' closing off the competition. However, since then Remedy has brought itself back into the contention by releasing the game on PC showing fans and players that there is still some hope for the IP.

Additionally, more good news for fans as 'Alan Wake' is currently available with a massive 75 percent discount on Steam. The franchise includes the original 'Alan Wake' with Collector's Edition extras, and even the popular 'Alan Wake's American Nightmare'.

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