iPhone 5S To Arrive With ‘Touch-On-Display’ Technology?

4 January 2013, 7:16 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: p.maity@mobilenapps.com Mobile & Apps

While rumors of an Apple iPhone 6 are doing rounds on the Internet, many Web sites have not ruled out the possibility of an iPhone 5S, rather than an iPhone 6. However, if both the rumored devices are compared, it may seem like both of them are the same thing, and only the name differs.

Currently it has been about three months since the launch of the iPhone 5 by Apple, and as the new year arrives, so does new rumors of an entirely new iPhone with enhanced features and specifications, alongside a brand new operating system.

With every passing day, talks about the new iPhone are gaining more and more momentum. Reports arriving almost every day discussing about the device's various features, like multiple color configurations and multiple screen sizes are a proof of that.

However, the latest news on this matter suggests that Apple could scrap the recently-implemented in-cell touch technology and could instead favor a brand new "touch-on-display" technology developed by Chimei Innolux.

For the ones who are not aware, Chimei Innolux Corporation is a Taiwan-based TFT-LCD panel manufacturer. The company is Taiwan's largest LCD maker and its products, apart from TFT-LCD panel modules, also include LCD display products, computer panels, AV and mobile panels, desktop monitors, and televisions.

Now, per The China Times, the latest decision to make the change to the new iPhone will help to solve widespread interference issues which have brought about a lot of criticism as soon as the iPhone 5's display was made official by the company, and later hit the store shelves.

"Although Apple appeased many by going slightly larger with the 4-inch offering, the decision to fuse the LCD and digitizer as one entity was something of a double-edged sword," Redmond Pie reports.

"For while the in-cell touch technology allowed the iPhone 5 its incredibly thin form factor, it has also been causing interference issues for some iPhone 5 users."

Although this issue hasn't affected everybody, in many cases, the iPhone 5's display has reported to create unexpected problems in accepting touch inputs when a user quickly performs a continual up-and-down slide gesture.

Nonetheless, The China Times report, if true, could mean that if Innolux's alternative "touch-on-display" technology is introduced on the next generation Apple iPhone, it can work without compromising on the general user experience by bringing any interference.

"Innolux is said to have sent some samples over to Apple for purpose of testing, and should all go smoothly, the next iPhone - widely presumed to be called the iPhone 5S - could be the first handset to enjoy the new technology," the report adds.

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