Google Play Introduces Free Magazines For Print Subscribers

5 January 2013, 8:25 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Google, it seems, is planning quite a few big things in the beginning of a brand new year.

Per reports, the company has decided to introduce free magazines for users who are already subscribed to the print media, or who still prefer the print medium to the web.

Google has currently added a "free for print subscribers" option to its Play Store, and this will allow users to acquire some of its magazines at no extra cost. Moreover, if the publisher chooses to add free access, users will be asked to confirm their subscription, which will later be completed with a $0.00 transaction.

Once that is done, the Play subscription will remain active until its print counterpart reaches its expiry date.

On discussing about the positive effects of the new process implemented by Google, Pocketnow writes: "Digital magazine subscriptions can be a tough sell. On one hand, you have the convenience of just carrying around your tablet, and still being able to access a large number of periodicals, as well as the richer content afforded by the digital format. Then again, a print magazine never runs out of batteries and can be much more durable."

"Especially if you're an existing subscriber, getting your magazines by mail each month, it can be hard to take the dive and invest in a digital subscription, and paying the extra costs that imposes."

However, now with Google's latest "free for print subscribers," users can feel free to opt for their choice of magazines or periodicals from the Play Store, provided the opted periodical or magazine is under the selected category that is being offered.

To make use of the new offer, users will need to search for the magazine in Google Play on the device, and tap Subscribe. Now if users see an option called Free for print subscribers, this means that the magazine is available for free.

However, users will also need to note that they can't sign up for such free subscriptions on the Web at the moment, and the process can only be carried out via an Android phone or tablet, in the Google Play Store app.

Moreover, this is currently a U.S.-only feature, and the company says that the team is currently working on bringing this feature to other countries, and to the Web soon as well.

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