Galaxy Note 2 Software Update (N7100XXDLL7) Allegedly Drains Battery Faster Than Before

18 January 2013, 7:14 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Samsung released a major bug fix for its Galaxy Note 2 through the software update N7100XXDLL7, but the update brought along an unforeseen issue of battery drain which the company is yet to address.

It is reported that some users who performed the recent software update on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are facing a faster battery drain issue. Testing the new firmware, SamMobile confirmed the issue and said the update does drain out the battery much fast than previous firmwares.

According to some users, the recent software update that fixes major bugs such as "Sudden Death" issue, Exynos vulnerability and reset code bug, is apparently cutting the battery usability by an hour to an hour-and-a-half of screen time.

According to various user reactions, the batter life has been reduced to 6.5-7 hours from what it used to be like 7.6 hours of screen work. In some cases, on a normal day-to-day basis, some users said the battery used to last for 36 hours but now it has drastically come down to about 24 hours.

Here are some of the reactions from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners (as reported by SamMobile) on the battery drain:

- Yes, before update - 7.5 hours of screen work, now - 6.5 - 7 hours.

- Absolutely, it's very noticeable

- Not really, around 5-10 percent worse battery, but nothing massive.

- I think battery drains faster than 4.1.1 update. But now Exynos Xploit is solved.

- Before update screen time on 8h, now  6h30.

- Not battery drain but 4.1.1 was way better than latest firmwares.

- Yep, battery now only lasts max of 24hrs, used to get 36+, MediaScannerService seems to be the culprit.

Though Samsung has not officially commented on the issue, it is expected that the South-Korean smartphone maker will address the battery drain with a new Android 4.1.2 update before the newer Android version 4.2.1/4.2.2 firmwares are released. However, it's not clear at this point if the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 update issued Wednesday causes a similar battery drain problem. The T-Mobile update for Galaxy Note 2 - T889UVALL4 - is available over the air or via Kies.

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