Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1-Based AOKP ROM Now Available For Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, 7 & 10 [Download Links]

19 January 2013, 11:11 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) undoubtedly has a loyal fan following despite a couple of negative sentiments and delays in update releases. AOKP remains to be the first choice for many when it comes to custom ROMs for Android and the popularity of this source-built ROM has surged to a new high over the last few years. Today, AOKP is the most recognizable and sought-after and third party development projects.

The official AOKP builds have been released for the Android-based Nexus product lineup recently. What makes these builds special is that they are based on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 which ultimately paved the way for this ROM's entry into the most advanced Android versions.

It's no surprise that the Nexus devices received the Jelly Bean 4.2.1-based AOKP first because they have always been the first priority for Android Open Sours Project (AOSP) developers. The Team Kang has released the build for both International and Verizon variants of Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10.

Though the Android 4.2.1-based AOKP JB-MR1 Build does not bring too many changes (from Android 4.1), the update carries enough features that can improve the overall user experience.

As for what comes along with the update, here are some of the highlights as listed out at the XDA Developers forum:

-          Unlimited lock screen widgets of any kind

-           Fully customizable NavBar buttons, color & transparency, with widget support

-          Menu arrow keys while typing

-          Statusbar transparency

-          Customizable tile-based statusbar toggles

-          Safe headset volume warning toggle

-          Several bug fixes, under-the-hood optimizations and core Android 4.2.1 features

The Kang team is reportedly working on Galaxy S2, S3, Note, and Note 2 support for the next build and the report said the builds for many other devices will come soon. As you wait for these updates, grab the ROM for Nexus devices from the following links:

-          Galaxy Nexus International/GSM (maguro)

-          Galaxy Nexus Verizon (toro)

-          Nexus 4 (mako)

-          Nexus 7 WiFi (grouper)

-          Nexus 10 (mantaray)

[via XDA Developers]

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