Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Spotted Riding The NYC Subway Wearing Google Glasses

22 January 2013, 5:39 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Google has been working on to bring the concept of wearable computing to the mainstream, and now it looks like this is already happening.

Noah Zerkin, a Brooklyn resident, was surprised to see Google co-founder Sergey Brin traveling in a subway train in New York. Zerkin is a 'wearable computing and augmented reality enthusiast,' and was really happy to see the Google boss wearing the Google Project Glass.

Zerkin had a chat with Brin, took a snap, and later tweeted the photo with a description that read, "Yeeeah... I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On the downtown 3 train. Nice guy."

The Google billionaire with his winder hat, beard and plastic bag, was taking a train to get around and looked like just another regular guy in the NYC subway; however, what made him different was the rocking $1,500 set of glasses.

The Google top boss is known to wear Google glasses in public. In April 2012, Brin was spotted wearing the uber-cool Google glasses at a private charity event.
Popular blogger and technical evangelist, Robert Scoble ran into Brin at the "San Francisco Dining in the Dark" charity event and snapped a photo of him wearing the Google Project Glasses, The Verge reported. However, Brin had stated that he wants to bring the eyewear to market by 2014.

Last week, Google had sent out the official invite to developers for its first hackathons on its high-tech headwear Project Glass. The event is scheduled to take place in San Francisco (Jan. 28-29) and New York (Feb. 1-2).

"Join us for an early look at Glass and two full days of hacking on the upcoming Google Mirror API in San Francisco or New York. These hackathons are just for developers in the Explorer program and we're calling them the Glass Foundry. It's the first opportunity for a group of developers to get together and develop for Glass," the Google invite said.

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