Twitter Set To Launch Its Video Sharing Service 'Vine' In Apple’s App Store

24 January 2013, 9:13 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

In what is perceived to be Twitter's Instagram for video, the Vine app will likely debut in the coming days; however, it's reported that the video sharing app may not end up on Twitter.

Twitter acquired the video sharing app back in October 2012 and citing unnamed sources familiar with the company, AllThingsD reports that the app may arrive by Thursday. However, the app may well be a standalone iOS app as its pre-Twitter acquisition plan and the startup will continue to operate on its own. According to the sources, there will not be any Twitter branding on the app. You will be able to download it from Apple's App store. 

Vine app lets users record and upload videos up to six seconds in length on company servers that can be viewed by followers, friends or random users browsing for videos. The app is said to be quite simple to operate as it necessitate users to press and hold a record button to start the recording. The video will be paused when the button is released.

Similar to Twitter's card implementation, the video appears as a link in the tweet. Clicking on "View media," the tweet gets expanded to show the embedded video. The snippets of videos can be posted quickly in a Twitter feed. An Instagram-like feature included in the app lets you follow other users' video clips as well. According to sources, users can even compile multiple short clips into a single video.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo used the app to create a six-second video clip. He later tweeted the Vine-captured video that looks like a composed video of eight or nine very quick takes.

The Web site does not give any more details of the app except that it's "Coming soon."

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