Top 3 Smartphone Deals Under A Buck (Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S3)

12 February 2013, 1:10 pm EST By Anu Passary Mobile & Apps

Have you been holding off buying a top-end smartphone for a while? Well, here's your chance to snag the best bargains around: deals that are under a buck.

That's right, following is a round-up of the best-available smartphone deals that cost less than $1 for top-of-the-line smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4.

1. iPhone 4 For Free

Want to get an Apple smartphone? Verizon Wireless is offering the iPhone 4 (8GB) for free on a new two-year contract.

You don't have the option to choose from either black or white, as Verizon only has the white version up for grabs. But when the phone is for free, who cares? To nab the offer, head here.

2. Nokia Lumia 920 For $0.01

U.S. retailer CarToys offers the AT&T variant of the Nokia Lumia 920 for just one cent on a two-year contract.  Usually, AT&T retails the Lumia 920 for $99.99, so you save a massive amount of money.

This deal, however, is applicable only for online orders and for both new and existing customers (who are eligible for an upgrade).

It is not known how long the offer will last, but for now you can pick up the black Lumia 920.

3. Samsung Galaxy S3 For $0.01

Amazon Wireless is retailing the Sprint variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (16GB) for only $0.01 on a two-year contract. The phone normally costs $199.99 on Sprint, so this is a great deal. The Galaxy S3 is available in white or blue.

You can pick up the $0.01 deal from Amazon Wireless but it is not known if this is a limited-period offer.

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