HTC One Press Shot Leaks With Windows Phone Inspiration

11 February 2013, 5:43 pm EST By Jimmie Geddes email: Mobile & Apps

HTC's latest flagship smartphone will be announced at an event the company is holding on Feb. 19 in New York City. The smartphone was previously known under the code-name M7 and now will apparently be launched officially as the HTC One.

A new press shot of the device has leaked online and it shows some interesting elements HTC has borrowed from Windows Phone in its upcoming HTC Sense 5.

EvLeaks, which has a great track record of leaking accurate information, has posted a new picture of the HTC One. In the picture you can clearly see Sense 5's more subdued UI. The bright clock and weather widget that has been on all HTC smartphones has a simpler black and white clock and weather widget. Below that widget is where things start to get interesting. It appears HTC is taking a cue from Windows Phone's Live Tile and grid interface and adding it to the home screen of Sense 5 on the HTC One. The photos below the widget are Facebook pictures, which implies that HTC is adding populated content to its homescreen: very similar to Windows Phone. It should come as no surprise that HTC might take a little inspiration from Windows Phone, as it is also a Windows Phone manufacturer.

Windows Phone Live Tiles is a major feature that Windows Phone and even Windows 8 are known for. They constantly update themselves so whenever you look at your phone/screen you can see the latest information on the tile, with no need of entering an application. HTC Sense 5 could greatly benefit from having this kind of user interface. HTC could even attract potential Windows Phone customers into purchasing the HTC One, since it offers a feature for which many people choose Windows Phones. There are widgets already available on Android that can populate information and have similar looks to Windows Phone, but the way that HTC incorporates Sense into Android could produce a much better experience than standard Android widgets.

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