BlackBerry Z10 Tips & Tricks To Extend Battery Life

14 February 2013, 9:12 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

The new BlackBerry Z10 launched with bells and whistles and set new records, but numerous reports of poor battery life mar the experience.

In fact, short battery life is the biggest complaint about the smartphone. Normally, developers should jump in and address the problem, but it seems this is not the case. Consequently, new Z10 owners have to do their best to deal with the handset's battery performance.

Until BlackBerry 10 (BB10) eventually gets an update, users can try a few tricks to temporarily extend the battery life of the Z10. First of all, the BlackBerry Z10 has a removable battery, which means Z10 owners can use accessories such as the Battery Charger Bundle. The accessory supports the LS1 battery and allows users to charge one battery while using the other. This BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle costs roughly $48 and is available for purchase from ShopCrackBerry.

Not everyone, however, can afford or is willing to pay extra for an accessory to address the Z10's battery issue. For those looking for a temporary fix that doesn't add more cost, here are a few tips and tricks:

Sleep While Locked

 Keeping the device locked will save some battery, but setting it to go to sleep when the device locks will make a bigger difference. Reducing the amount of time needed before the Z10 automatically locks can also help preserve battery life.

Ditch Unnecessary Connections

When an Internet connection over Wi-Fi is not absolutely necessary, turning the Wi-Fi off might be a good idea. The same goes for Bluetooth and other connections. The more a phone stays connected to such services, the more it will drain the battery.

Adjust Display Lights

Many smartphone users never think of how much juice a big, bright display takes. Dimming the light on the screen can have a tremendous effect on the handset's battery life. Even a little less light can save a huge deal on battery. Displays are battery drainers.

Turn Off Unused Features

The new BlackBerry Z10 has some exciting specs and software, but remember that everything comes at a cost. Most users don't really need all of the features they keep turned on. Going through active features and deciding to turn off unused ones may significantly conserve battery life. Some may argue that this practice would mean turning the smartphone into a simple phone, but some compromises may go a long way until an update improves battery performance.

Ultimately, the decision is up to the consumer. BlackBerry Z10 owners unsatisfied with the handset's battery life can either wait for an update, purchase a battery accessory or customize the device so that it preserves the battery. 

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