Samsung Galaxy Watch: Leaked Screenshots Show Altius/Altios OS, Not Android

15 February 2013, 8:09 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

The idea of smart watch seems to be grabbing all the focus of late and after Apple's iWatch, the news is that Samsung is working on a Galaxy Watch, which is rumored to see a release alongside its much-awaited Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Meanwhile, Sam Mobile has managed to get a few screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. "The weird thing is that the smartwatch uses "Altius" as it's codename, in the screenshots, whereas we are sure that Samsung is using the "Altius" codename for the upcoming Galaxy S4 and not a smartwatch, this and a few other reasons indicate that these screenshots might actually be a hoax," Sam Mobile notes.

There are good reasons to believe that the screenshots are not real. Firstly, Samsung is not known to be using the codenames on their splash screen; however, the image below has Samsung Galaxy 'Altius' on the home screen. The images do not meet Samsung's UX guidelines as they use mirror effect on their branding which Samsung never does. The code name shown in one of the screenshots is 'altios not 'altius.' 

As Slash Gear notes, the software version is shown to be AltiusOS beta2, meaning the device has a specially-tailored software or that it's a version of Android (or some Samsung-specific OS) fitted for this device. "You'll also find that 1.5 percent of the full 235MB of internal storage space is being used up - this makes the case for a rather symbiotic device rather than a stand-along model," the report said.

The images apparently come from a Korean message board where the main focus of discussion is how well the Galaxy watch would fit in with the other smart watches in the market, rather than on the possible existence of the device. The SKT and SKTelecom on some of the images points to the fact that the device will be carried with a data plan on that particular South Korean mobile service. The 'Samsung-GA7' code name on the upper right-hand corner of some of the images indicates a possible LCD display.

Other slides indicate the device to have a touch screen display, a music player, email service etc. All the images are sized at 500 x 500 pixels, which could be indicative of a 500 x 500 pixel resolution.

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