Kim Dotcom’s Mega Accepts Bitcoin, Plans Mobile, Email, Chat And Video Expansion

18 February 2013, 8:01 am EST By Binu Paul email: Mobile & Apps

Kim Dotcom is planning big and he has made it clear, quite categorically that Mega is going to be much more than just the successor to Mega Upload. Dotcom's new file-sharing service, Mega will accept the virtual currency bitcoin for subscriptions for more storage space and the service will expand into the spheres of mobile, email, chat and video.

"#Mega now accepts #BITCOIN via our newest reseller Bitvoucher:," Dotcom, in his usual style, tweeted. Mega is the second prominent Web site announcing the acceptance of bitcoin payment after Reddit said the same a week back. WordPress began accepting the virtual currency from last November.

Bitcoin's technical design may attract more Mega users and it's quite difficult to fraudulently spend a bitcoin, which is basically an encrypted number. Using this system, users do not have to go through those various stages of entering personal information for enabling a transaction.

The controversial New Zealand internet entrepreneur announced the company's expansion plans in yet another tweet. "In the coming years #Mega plans to expand from secure cloud storage to secure email, chat & voice, video and "mobile," Dotcom said.

The announcement is considered to be Dotcom's yet another attempt to position himself as an online privacy advocate, Mashable reports. "Believe me: Privacy is the next big thing on the Internet. And #Mega is all about privacy. We are 'The Privacy Company,'" he tweets. He called for the boycott of U.S. based servers and email providers including Gmail, iCloud and Skype because the U.S. government can demand access to user data from them.

Mega offers 50GB of storage for free, but has a three-tier pricing chart with additional storage and bandwidth capacity varying from 500GB to 2TB. The free space offered by Mega is more than twice the amount if a user signs up for free accounts with Google, Apple, Microsoft and Dropbox put together. Mega is advertised as a place where lots of files can be stored securely and accessed by the user from any computer.

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