Nexus 4 Overheating Problem Could Be Serious

18 February 2013, 8:38 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Nexus 4 is back in the news, although not for a positive reason this time.

Per reports, Nexus 4 devices are automatically shutting down when they reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).

Although that may be a valuable measure that would prevent something bad happening to the phone’s battery, it could a problem if this starts happening on a regular basis.

The problem first emerged in November 2012 when the issue (Issue 40334: Nexus Overheating) was raised in Google Code with more and more people later joining the thread to discuss the same problem.

“I have a LG Nexus 4 that is overheating. I don't think it's defective because I'm within my two weeks for returning it and this is my second one and they both did the same. Over normal use my phone gets around 50 to 55 Degrees Celsius,” one user wrote. “The max it got was 65. The heat is around the camera. Does this happen to all?”

“This happens to my LG Nexus 4 as well. Panning around San Francisco on Google Earth will cause it to get extremely hot and shut off after about 5-10 minutes every time. Using Google Chrome will also cause the phone to heat up to an uncomfortable temperature. The battery also drains very fast when the phone heats up like this,” stated another post.

Now Reddit has become the latest chat room where this problem is being aired.

“From what we can tell so far by looking at Issue 40334, there isn’t a general cause for any overheating problems, although some of the reports detail similar experiences, and there’s no official answer from Google either,” Android Authority writes.

Some instances in which the Nexus 4 gets overheated include when using 3G, Facebook or Google Chrome, increased heat around the camera, GPS, Google Earth, doing a benchmark, talking on the phone/Skype, browsing the Play Store, using certain apps and when playing video games. According to one Nexus 4 owner, when doing pretty much anything, "this damn phone gets really hot."

Google has not yet issued an official statement on why this is happening to Nexus 4 devices so frequently.

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