Samsung Galaxy S5 and other 2014 devices may boast 4GB of RAM

30 December 2013, 7:26 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Samsung's next-generation flagships may boast 4GB of RAM, as the company has just unveiled the first 8-gigabit low-power DDR4 mobile DRAM memory chip.

If you thought the 3GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was more than enough, it seems that the company was only warming up for a bigger game. No other smartphone manufacturer so far has revealed any plans to use a whopping 4GB of RAM in their mobile devices, which means that Samsung may well be the first one to do so in 2014.

The company's new 8Gb LPDDR4 memory chip could allow for 4GB of RAM in a mobile-sized, multi-layered treat. Moreover, the higher-bandwidth 3.1Gbps DDR standard is also expected to deliver a solid 50 percent speed boost in terms of performance compared to existing DDR3-based chips. It gets even better, as the new chipset would also use 40 percent less power than its predecessors.

"This next-generation LPDDR4 DRAM will contribute significantly to faster growth of the global mobile DRAM market, which will soon comprise the largest share of the entire DRAM market," Young-Hyun Jun, EVP of mobile sales & marketing at Samsung Electronics, boasted in a press release on Sunday, Dec. 30. "We will continue introducing the most advanced mobile DRAM one step ahead of the rest of the industry so that global OEMs can launch innovative mobile devices with exceptional user convenience in the timeliest manner."

According to Samsung, mass production of the new memory chip will commence sometime in 2014 and the new technology will grace laptops, smartphones and tablets with Ultra HD (UHD) displays, which require additional memory to sustain that high resolution.

"With the new chip, Samsung will focus on the premium mobile market including large screen UHD smartphones, tablets, and ultra-slim notebooks that offer four times the resolution of full-HD imaging, and also on high-performance network systems," the press release further notes.

The new memory chip also has the highest level of density, Samsung touts, which means that it should be able to deliver a significant boost in terms of performance, while also making devices more energy-efficient. The new DRAM will allow for notably faster and more responsive navigation between applications, and it will bring a slew of advanced features.

Samsung employs the 20-nm class process for its new 8Gb LPDDR4, with a single chip packing 1GB of system memory. This means that a device would have to pack 4 such 8Gb chips to boast 4GB RAM.

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship has so far been rumored to sport 3GB of RAM just like the Galaxy Note 3. With Samsung's new technology, however, the purported Galaxy S5 may boast a hefty 4GB of RAM instead of the previously rumored 3GB. If it does, it may be the highest-end smartphone of 2014.

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