iPad 2 reportedly reaching end of life soon after a long and good run

14 February 2014, 9:32 am EST By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Apple is reportedly getting ready to pull its iPad 2 off the market in the near future, as customers are shifting to its newer and more capable tablets.

The second-generation iPad enjoyed great success in its days of glory. Now, however, the tablet is nearly three years old and its A5 processor and non-Retina display are not so appealing anymore.

According to a new report, the iPad 2 is approaching its end of life, as iFans are now more attracted to the new iPad Mini with Retina display or the full-size, top-end iPad Air.

"According to people familiar with Apple's plans, the company has made the decision to ramp down iPad 2 production given that customers are resoundingly shifting purchases towards its more modern and capable iPads, namely the iPad mini and iPad Air," reveals Apple Insider.

As a reminder, Apple launched its second-generation iPad back in March 2011. The tablet got off to a strong start and became widely popular as soon as it launched, and continued to enjoy great success even after the third-generation iPad made its debut with the company's now-iconic Retina display. When the iPad 3 launched, Apple cut the price of the iPad 2 to $399, which made the second-generation tablet even more attractive.

When Apple started offering the new iPad Mini with Retina display at the same $399 price point, however, the older iPad 2 started to lose its appeal. The second-generation iPad has definitely had a great run, but the three-year-old tablet has been significantly outshined by the newer models.

Truth be told, it makes sense. If a higher-resolution iPad with more powerful internals is available for the same price, many customers will understandably go for the more advanced model. The iPad Air, meanwhile, comes as a far superior full-size iPad, albeit it sports a price to match.

Apple has yet to confirm these claims, but it would make sense for the company to discontinue the iPad 2 at this point, nearly three years after its original debut. If this report proves to be accurate, the second-generation iPad has its days numbered and will soon reach its end of life.

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