Oculus Rift's $600 Touch Bundle Includes An Impressive Shooting Game With Good Reviews Called 'Robo Recall'

"Robo Recall" gives gamers a glimpse of the future of VR gaming.

Games Fri Mar 03 2017

'Pixel Privateers': A Combination Of RPG Elements & Terraria, Now 15 Percent Off On Steam

"Pixel Privateers" is an indie game that is gaining more attention because of its tactical RPG, sci-fi, adventure, and pixelated graphics with amazing gameplay.

Games Sun Feb 26 2017

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Receives Its First Proper Huge Review Boost; Is Nintendo Switch Ready for the Game?

"The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" will be released on March 3 alongside Nintendo Switch and will also be available on Wii U.

Games Sun Feb 26 2017

‘VOEZ’ Rayark Mobile Rhythm Game Coming to Nintendo Switch, Featuring New Songs; Pricing Details & Release Date Revealed

Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed its online preview of Flyhigh Works and Rayark’s famous rhythm game, “VOEZ.” This game was first launched on Android and iOS and now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

Games Sun Feb 26 2017

‘Clash Royale’ Goblin Gang Card Guide: Techniques Review; the Best Strategy to Use It in Battle [VIDEO]

Gamers should be able to get the "Clash Royale" Goblin Gang common card by either gaining them through treasure chests or buying them from the in-game store.

Games Sat Feb 25 2017

'For Honor' Review: Multiplayer Mode Is A Dream Come True, Single Player Not Upto The Mark

"For Honor" is a complete martial arts game, a mix-up emotion of warriors who use their abilities and resources to conquer the conflicts. The multi-player mode has indeed been a great success, while the single player mode is not entirely convincing.

Games Fri Feb 24 2017

Nintendo Switch Launch: 3 Games Worth Checking Out Besides 'Zelda' During The Console Launch On March 3

After months of constant teasing and a ton of gameplay footage, Nintendo Switch will finally be out on March 3.

Games Thu Feb 23 2017

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Review: Guerrilla's Open-World Action-RPG Could Be One Of Current Generation Best Open-World Games; Here's Why [VIDEO]

Reviews for Guerrilla's upcoming open-world action-RPG "Horizon Zero Dawn" are springing up with some critics deeming the upcoming game as one of the best open-world games of current generation.

Games Tue Feb 21 2017

‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ Top-Selling Game in the U.S.; Producer Masachika Kawata Reveals the Reason of VR Production

“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is an important game in the long-running franchise of “Resident Evil.” Producer Masachika Kawata said that the game represents both a new direction and a return form for Capcom

Games Sun Feb 19 2017

‘Outlast 2’ News: A Survival Horror Game Causing Mental Breakdown; GameplayPurposely Designed to Challenge Players?

Red Barrels announced the development of “Outlast 2” in 2016 and has started to unveil more details about the game's second installment. The game creator, Philippe Morin revealed that they want to instill more physiological fear through the upcoming game.

Games Sun Feb 19 2017

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Update: 80 New Pokemon from ‘Pokemon Silver’ & ‘Pokemon Gold’ Added; the Game World is Expanded?

Niantic announced in a press release on Wednesday that “Pokemon Go” will get an update, adding more than 80 new pokemon to its title. The added Pokemon will be from the popular “Pokemon Gold” and “Pokemon Silver” game.

Games Fri Feb 17 2017

'Dishonored 2' Review Says Gameplay is Awesome, But The Story Not So Much

Fans of "Dishonored 2" can agree on the game's pros and cons.

Games Fri Feb 17 2017

Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle Not Just a ‘Doodle’, 2D Game with a Greater Purpose?

Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle was premiered on Monday, occupying the tech giant’s search homepage. Having a greater purpose than only for fun, the Doodle isn’t just an “ordinary doodle.”

Games Thu Feb 16 2017

The Top 4 'Legend Of Zelda' Games Ever Released

The upcoming release of 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' has reignited the which is the best 'Legend of Zelda' game debate.

Games Thu Feb 09 2017

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