Nintendo Switch Update:Company Confident that Console Will Not Fail Like the Wii U, Third-party Support Likely Stronger [VIDEO]

The Nintendo Switch currently has a huge public interest, which will drive third party developers to release their titles on it.

Games Mon Jan 23 2017

‘Double Dragon IV’ Update: Arc System’s Classic Beat ‘Em Up Has 2P Duel Mode, Tower Mode & More Amazing Features

"Double Dragon IV" is the classic beat-em-up you need on your PS4.

Games Mon Jan 23 2017

US Big Ten Network Conference Will Broadcast a ‘League of Legends’ Tournament

The Big Ten Tournament was scheduled to begin this January 30, 2017, which collaborates with the conference and the developer, the Riot Games’ Tencent Holdings Ltd.’s.

Games Sun Jan 22 2017

“Nioh” Review: The Ups and Downs of the Upcoming Samurai-Based Game

The approaching samurai action game called “Nioh” has its huge comeback by the developer Team Ninja.

Games Sun Jan 22 2017

'Astroneer' Review: 5 Reasons Why This Mesmerizingly Optimistic Game Should Be Getting Your Attention

"Astroneer" is currently in its pre-alpha version, but players have already been raving about how beautiful and addictive the survival game is.

Games Sat Jan 21 2017

5 Best Survival Games To Play On Your PC

Boredom is a killer, which is why games are there. Five survival games based on the players' best picks should not be missed.

Games Sat Jan 21 2017

Micro Machines Comeback! Coming Soon in PS4, Xbox One, And PC

“Micro Machines World Series” will launch this coming April, available for consoles such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Games Sat Jan 21 2017

‘Battleborn’ Update: Comes with New Improve Games Performances, New Gameplay Aspect

“Battleborn” released its huge update, adding new characters, performance improvements, economy changes and a lot more.

Games Sat Jan 21 2017

The True Meaning Of Consequence Players Experience In 'Life Is Strange'

Players learn the true meaning of taking responsibility of actions and consequences in "Life Is Strange," which gave a huge nostalgic feeling because of its story.

Games Fri Jan 20 2017

'Monster Hunter XX' Weapon Long Sword "Uranometria" Created By 'Fairy Tail' Creator Hiro Mashima

“Fairy Tale” manga series creator Hiro Mashima designs Urano Metria for "Monster Hunter XX."

Games Fri Jan 20 2017

Skyrim Special Edition Mods Update 2017: Skyrim Script Extender Coming this March; Features and What We Know So Far

The Skyrim Script Extender may be back soon on the Skyrim Special Edition with an update this coming March.

Games Thu Jan 19 2017

'Warhammer 40,000' Based Tactical Game 'Necromunda: Underhive Wars' Announced; In Development at 'Mordheim: City of the Damned' Devs Rogue Factor

There are no further details on "Necromunda: Underhive Wars" at this time but expect more in February.

Games Thu Jan 19 2017

'Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2' Now Available In North America via Viz Media Publications [VIDEO]

'Pokémon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2' is now available to pick up for just $9.99.

Games Thu Jan 19 2017

'Agony' Shows New Heights of Horror & Gore For Fans Of The Genre [Watch Gameplay]

The upcoming horror game "Agony" shows a new depth of gore and horror games of today can go, and in first-person nonetheless.

Games Thu Jan 19 2017

‘Elder Scrolls Online’ Update: Homestead Update Available In Xbox One, PS4 In February 21

Bethesda announced that the next step for the “The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited,” which will appear in the form of the “Homestead” update.

Games Wed Jan 18 2017

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