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Wearable Market's Worse Performance In 2016: Failed To Impress Customers; Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Wearable market's 2016 sales goes down as customers aren't convinced and impressed to buy one.

Apple Smartwatch December 23, 2016

Apple iWatch to enter production next month, launch in October?

Apple's iWatch will reportedly enter production in July, ahead of an expected debut in October.

Apple Smartwatch June 21, 2014

Apple planning multiple iWatch versions to launch in the fall

Apple has reportedly been working on multiple smartwatch versions, and its much-rumored iWatch will likely launch in the fall.

Apple Smartwatch June 20, 2014

Apple ‘aggressively’ hiring as iWatch staff face ‘hard engineering problems,’ launch pegged for late 2014

Apple has reportedly started to 'aggressively' look for new talent to work on its iWatch project, as its current staff can't handle some 'hard engineering problems.'

Apple Smartwatch July 15, 2013

Apple seeks iWatch trademark in Japan - Does this mean the smartwatch is real?

Apple has applied for an 'iWatch' trademark in Japan, suggesting that a iOS smartwatch product may be on its way.

Apple Smartwatch July 2, 2013

Google Reportedly Working On Android-Powered Smartwatch To Rival Apple And Samsung

Google seems to be joining the smartwatch frenzy with its own Android-powered smartwatch, which means competition is about to heat up between Google, Apple and Samsung.

Apple Smartwatch March 22, 2013

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