cloud storage

Amazon Cloud Drive Features Simplified Interface With Unlimited Storage With Option Of $12 Annual Fee

Amazon has unveiled its new cloud drive software for easy storage facility to the mobile users

cloud storage June 23, 2016

Dropbox Platform aims to replace hard drives and move everything to the cloud

The Dorpbox Platform just made its debut at the company's first DBX developer conference, emerging as a complex platform for moving everything to the cloud.

cloud storage July 10, 2013

Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud Service Surpasses 250 Million Users

SkyDrive is finally becoming the cloud storage service it was meant to be since its launch in 2008.

cloud storage May 8, 2013

Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud Storage Now Home to 1 Billion Office Documents, New Document Sharing Feature Added

On Friday, Microsoft announced a massive milestone for its cloud storage service, SkyDrive. According to the announcement, SkyDrive now accounts for over 1 billion office documents, and to celebrate, Microsoft added a new feature.

cloud storage February 10, 2013

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