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Facebook's Instant Games Rolling out Worldwide Starting Today

The feature should start to roll out to Facebook's 1.2 billion users, with some getting it earlier than others depending on their location.

Facebook Messenger May 3, 2017

Facebook Implements New Measures Against Revenge Porn

Facebook (FB) has a new tool to curb the proliferation of revenge porn in its social media platform.

Facebook Messenger April 6, 2017

Facebook Gets Flakked After Failing To Remove Sexualized Images Of Children: Network Launches Snapchat Stories Clone

A group of British parliamentarians questions Facebook after failing to remove graphic content.

Facebook Messenger March 9, 2017

Facebook Artificial Intelligence Tool Being Harnessed to Fight Live-Streaming Suicide Acts; Facebook Partnered With Several Mental Health Organizations

Through Facebook Artificial Intelligence tool, users who are at-risk of committing suicide will be prompted automatically right on their devices.

Facebook Messenger March 2, 2017

Facebook Fixes Bug That Drains Battery And Heats Up Devices

Facebook has resolved a glitch on its servers that affects the battery of the phones.

Facebook Messenger January 12, 2017

Facebook And Messenger Drasticly Drains Your Battery Life; Here's What You Need To Do

Facebook and Messenger is currently draining your battery as Vice President of Messaging Products from Facebook, David Marcus acknowledges the issue.

Facebook Messenger January 12, 2017

Facebook News: Asia-Pacific May Help With The Platform's Plan of Monetizing Apps

Facebook is looking to monetize messaging apps as more and more people use these networks for business purposes. Asia-Pacific just may be the key to boost the social media platform's plan.

Facebook Messenger January 4, 2017

Facebook And Other Companies Are Making Chatbots As 'Human' As Possible

Chatbot are no being made to be as real as humans by companies.

Facebook Messenger December 24, 2016

Facebook Messenger Update: Company Rolls Out Improved Snapchat-Like Selfie Filters For Messaging App

Facebook just rolled out its new Messenger update, which incorporates a familiar feature found on its social media competitor: Snapchat.

Facebook Messenger December 16, 2016

Facebook Messenger Adds Diverse Emojis, Including Most Requested Redheads

Last Wednesday, it was revealed that Facebook Messenger will soon add 1,500 emojis including more than 100 different skin tones to highlight the ethnicity, gender and culture diversity across the globe.

Facebook Messenger June 2, 2016

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 now available for download

The popular Facebook Messenger app has finally become available for download for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform.

Facebook Messenger March 5, 2014

Facebook Messenger Brings Free VoIP Calling To Android Users In U.S.

Facebook's free VoIP calling feature just rolled out to U.S. users of Facebook Home and Facebook Messenger, allowing users to place free calls to friends.

Facebook Messenger April 19, 2013

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