Google Glass

Google: All Glass spots claimed in Explorer Program after April 15 one-day sale following KitKat update

Google has announced that 'all spots in the Explorer Program have been claimed for now' following its one-day sale for Google Glass on Tuesday, April 15.

Google Glass April 16, 2014

MiKandi vows to get porn app Tits & Glass approved for Google Glass [Video]

Adult application developer MiKandi had developed a pornographic app called Tits & Glass, and released it on the Google Glassware on June 3. Not surprisingly, it got immediately banned. However, MiKandi is planning a comeback.

Google Glass June 10, 2013

Google won't approve facial recognition for Google Glass at this time

Google is playing it safe for the moment so far as facial recognition for Google Glass is concerned.

Google Glass June 2, 2013

Apple CEO: Google Glass will never be cool, wearable tech is interesting

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn't like Google Glass, but he likes wearable computing devices, especially the ones that you can wear on your wrist.

Google Glass May 30, 2013

Google Glass Is Creepy, Says Early Glass User

Does Google Glass creep you out? This early Glass user feels that way.

Google Glass May 25, 2013

Google Glass Raises Lawmakers' Concerns: Congress Demands Answers About Privacy

Google Glass raises several privacy concerns, and members of the U.S. Congress has just sent a public letter to Google CEO Larry Page inquiring about potential privacy and data issues.

Google Glass May 17, 2013

Seven New Apps Coming To Google Glass: Facebook, Twitter, And Evernote Included

Google Glass is looking like an interesting device to own when it is out of beta.

Google Glass May 17, 2013

Google Glass Will Work With iPhones As Well, Says Google Employee

Google Glass is reportedly preparing to get more Apple-friendly, adding iPhone support for navigation and SMS.

Google Glass May 6, 2013

Google Glass Release Date Leaked: Aug. 6, 2013 (RUMOR)

Google Glass could find its way to consumers' faces by Aug. 6, if a leak is accurate

Google Glass April 16, 2013

Google Glass Official Specs: 5-Megapixel Camera, 720p Video, 16GB Storage And More

Google Glass futuristic eyewear's specs and features will include a 5-megapixel camera, 720p video recording capabilities, Bluetooth and more

Google Glass April 16, 2013

West Virginia Aiming To Ban Google Glass While Driving

West Virginia lawmakers are hellbent on making sure you don't drive and Google Glass.

Google Glass March 25, 2013

LG Reportedly Working On A Smart Watch Device And Google Glass Competitor

As wearable computing takes shape, LG is slowly making sure it is among the first to have products on the market.

Google Glass March 24, 2013

Google Shows Off A Talking Shoe At SXSW

Google has unveiled a pair of shoes that provide the wearer with feedback and motivation based on their move throughout the day.

Google Glass March 11, 2013

Google Glass Is Yet To Come, But A Ban Is Already In Place In Seattle

Even before the arrival of Google Glass,a Seattle bar has placed a ban on the device, setting off a debate over privacy.

Google Glass March 9, 2013

Fake Google Glass eBay Auction Reaches $15,900 Bid

A faux Google Glass auction on eBay just proves that some people are willing to pay a lot to be among the early adopters of futuristic technology.

Google Glass February 28, 2013

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