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Step Back Windows, Android Is Now The World's Most Popular OS In Terms Of Internet Usage

Android seems to be on a roll after it has become more popular than Windows worldwide.

Internet Explorer April 4, 2017

Windows 8 surpasses Windows Vista finally

Windows 8 has finally surpassed Windows Vista, but it could take years to surpass Windows XP and Windows 7.

Internet Explorer July 3, 2013

Windows 8.1 launched: Internet Explorer, many apps get updated

Microsoft took the PC experience to a completely new level when it launched the Windows 8 operating system with its touch capabilities. It has been less than eight months since the launch of Windows 8, and Microsoft has now gone ahead and revamped its latest and the most advanced operating system to Windows 8.1.

Internet Explorer May 31, 2013

EU Anti-Trust Body Fines Microsoft $733 Million For Breaking Obligation

The European Union on Wednesday fined Microsoft $731 million for breaking browser choice obligations.

Internet Explorer March 7, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 Is Seen As Part Of Windows Blue

Information regarding Windows Blue began circulating recently after screenshots managed to leak out from the Microsoft camp. The first screenshot highlighted a foremost change in the kernel; however, the newest screenshot shows Windows Blue with an Internet Explorer 10 mode.

Internet Explorer February 23, 2013

Microsoft Prepping Massive Security Update To Patch Near-Record 57 Bugs

Microsoft announced it will issue 12 security updates on Tuesday, Feb. 12, to patch a near-record 57 bugs in Internet Explorer (IE), Windows, Office, and Exchange.

Internet Explorer February 10, 2013

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