Nexus X

Motorola Nexus 6 reportedly set to hit Verizon Wireless

New information has surfaced regarding the Motorola-made Google Nexus 6, claiming that Verizon Wireless is ready to add the smartphone to its lineup.

Nexus X October 4, 2014

Google Nexus 6 smartphone from Motorola surfaces with more details, new render

The purported Google Nexus smartphone from Motorola has leaked yet again, starring in a new render with more detailed specs, as well as a 'confirmation' for the Nexus 6 name.

Nexus X September 30, 2014

Motorola Shamu poses for the camera alongside LG G3 in latest leak

The purported Motorola Shamu, rumored to launch as the Google Nexus X/6, has leaked in a new image, showing the device alongside the LG G3.

Nexus X September 26, 2014

Motorola ‘Shamu’ smartphone leaks again – Is this the Google Nexus X?

The purported Motorola 'Shamu' smartphone that is expected to launch as the Google Nexus X has leaked again, confirming some previously-rumored specs and revealing some new design details.

Nexus X September 25, 2014

HTC Nexus 9 to debut in mid-October alongside new phone hardware, possibly Motorola Nexus X

New information has surfaced regarding Google's upcoming plans, claiming that the HTC Nexus 9 will launch in mid-October alongside 'new phone hardware,' likely the rumored Motorola Nexus X, as well as a 'new software initiative,' i.e. Android L.

Nexus X September 24, 2014

Google to launch 64GB Nexus 5 alongside Motorola-made Nexus X (Nexus 6)

Google is reportedly planning to launch a new 64GB version of the LG-made Nexus 5 alongside its new-generation Nexus X (Nexus 6) from Motorola.

Nexus X September 3, 2014

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