Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Latest News: Japanese Tech Giant Found A Solution For The Joy-Con Connectivity Issue

The recent issue reported by several users about the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers have been fixed by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch March 23, 2017

Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Nintendo to Double Production of Units, New Stocks Coming This Week

Nintendo has now announced that they will, in fact, be doubling its Nintendo Switch production to meet the rising demand.

Nintendo Switch March 20, 2017

Nintendo Switch 'Jailbreak' Exploit Uncovered, Root Access Found in Hidden WebKit Browser

Luca Todesco managed to get root access to the console's systems by employing the same technique he had used on iOS 9 devices.

Nintendo Switch March 15, 2017

Nintedo Switch: Latest Console's Bent Dock & Scratched Screen Has Only One Solution According To Nintendo

The issue of scratched screens and bent dock on Nintendo Switch have been increasing and the company has only one solution that will resolve these problems.

Nintendo Switch March 14, 2017

Nintendo Switch: Hybrid Console Has Several Issues At Launch; Dead Pixels; Joy-Con Desync Issues & More

The recent release of Nintendo Switch have all the people in the gaming community talking about, this, however, does not only include good things, several issues have been reported too.

Nintendo Switch March 13, 2017

Tatsumi Kimishima Said That Nintendo Is Doing Its Best To End NES Classic Edition Shortage

Nintendo is doing their best to avoid supply shortages of the NES Classic Edition in the future.

Nintendo Switch March 9, 2017

The Nasty Nintendo Switch Cartridge Taste Test Is Seriously Getting Everyone The Want To Try

Nintendo Switch users recently have been posting online about the console's cartridge having a bitter taste.

Nintendo Switch March 8, 2017

'Miitomo' Update: Nintendo Desires to Have the Social Networking App on Nintendo Switch; App Now a New Feature Called Miifoto Log

Nintendo hopes to have "Miitomo" on Nintendo Switch and a new promo is now in progress, which rewards users with some Switch items.

Nintendo Switch March 7, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Contain A Secret Message; Another Nintendo Easter Egg

The recently launched Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers was found to contain a secret message, with Nintendo's reputation of planting easter eggs on its games, it is no longer surprising that one of this days, another discovery from users will be revealed.

Nintendo Switch March 6, 2017

Cheaper Nintendo Switch Alternatives That's Worth The Investment Including A Hybrid Handheld PC

Three of the best and cheapest Nintendo Switch alternatives available in the market today.

Nintendo Switch March 6, 2017

Amazon Nintendo Switch Pre-order Shipping Delay Frustrates Customers, Retailer Giving Out $50 Bonus to Compensate

All customers who pre-ordered the console with the retailer were promised delivery on the device's launch date, but that apparently didn't happen for some.

Nintendo Switch March 5, 2017

Nintendo Switch Availability Guide: Stocks Run Out But Here's Where to Find One Now

Nintendo Switch sells like hotcakes at launch but here's a guide on where to buy the hybrid console now.

Nintendo Switch March 4, 2017

'Splatoon 2' to Add More New Clothing Brands Including a Casual Wear & Sportswear Called Empery Alongside New Weapons & More!

"Splatoon 2" is expected to have more clothing brands starting off with Empery, which will focus on sports and casual wear with a fusion from different cultures.

Nintendo Switch March 4, 2017

Nintendo to Launch Flat-rate Online Service in Autumn, Nintendo Switch Owners Get Free Access to Games Until Then

The new Nintendo Switch subscription service will likely be similar to Sony's PlayStation Plus service and Microsoft's Xbox Games with Gold program.

Nintendo Switch March 3, 2017

Nintendo Switch eShop Goes Live With Nine Games Including 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'; eShop Doesn't Have Music

Nintendo has made the Nintendo Switch eShop available launching with nine games but it appears that there is no featured background music.

Nintendo Switch March 3, 2017

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