Cancelled Nvidia Shield 2 & Nintendo Switch: Other Alternative Handhelds To Go Against Nintendo's Hybrid Console

Nvidia's cancelled Shield project could have been Nintendo's greatest rival for hybrid consoles.

NVIDIA Shield January 15, 2017

'Homefront: The Revolution' Playable on Android But Not For Mobile Gamers

“Homefront: The Revolution” is NVIDIA's latest entry with its Shield library of games. Players can now stream the game in full glorious HD in 1080p at buttery-smooth 60 frames per second.

NVIDIA Shield July 14, 2016

NVIDIA SHIELD $299 tablet with Tegra K1 processor takes gaming to the next level (VIDEO)

NVIDIA has started taking pre-orders for its latest SHIELD Tablet powerhouse, which packs a Tegra K1 processor under the hood to take mobile gaming to the next level.

NVIDIA Shield July 23, 2014

NVIDIA Shield release date delayed to July

Disappointments looming as NVIDIA has delayed Shield release date to July due to third party component problems.

NVIDIA Shield June 27, 2013

NVIDIA Shield price drops to $299, gets June 27 release date

Under pressure from fans, NVIDIA has cut the price of its Shield handheld gaming device.

NVIDIA Shield June 20, 2013

NVIDIA Shield Retailing For $349: Device May Not Succeed

Android gaming is the next best thing, but the NVIDIA Shield won't be the device you'll experience it on.

NVIDIA Shield May 15, 2013

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