patent infringement

Xiaomi banned from selling and importing devices in India

An Indian court has banned Xiaomi from selling, advertising, manufacturing, and importing products into the country.

patent infringement December 11, 2014

Nintendo risks Wii ban in the U.S. over patent infringement lawsuit

Philips has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nintendo, which could see all Wii console sales banned in the U.S.

patent infringement May 16, 2014

iPhone, iPad models banned in U.S. after Samsung cries patent infringement

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a ban on some older iPhone and iPad models, ruling that Apple infringed on Samsung patents.

patent infringement June 5, 2013

Nokia Yet Again Sues HTC Over Patent Infringement

HTC is in trouble again, as Nokia takes a deadly aim with new patent claims.

patent infringement May 25, 2013

Apple vs. Samsung: Judge Slashes $450M Off Damages Award, Sets New Trial

A federal judge slashed more than 40 percent off the $1.05 billion damages award Apple won last year, and said another trial is needed to determine the actual damages.

patent infringement March 3, 2013

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