PlayStation Network

Sony PSN Sub Account users can now upgrade to a PSN Master account

Sony has announced that PSN Sub Account users will now be able to upgrade to a PSN Master account and enjoy the full PlayStation experience once they turn 18.

PlayStation Network February 13, 2015

Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) membership extensions, discounts to make up for holiday outage

Sony has announced free PlayStation Network membership extensions and upcoming discounts to make up for its PSN holiday outage.

PlayStation Network January 2, 2015

Xbox Live, Sony PlayStation Network still recovering after hack attack that caused Christmas Day outages

The Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were brought down by a hack attack that caused outages for much of Christmas Day, and are still working on fixing the issues.

PlayStation Network December 26, 2014

Sony PlayStation network back up after DDoS attack, flight carrying company executive diverted over bomb scare

The Sony PlayStation network has resumed activity after hackers took it down with a DDoS attack. Attackers also made a bomb threat that diverted a flight carrying a senior Sony executive.

PlayStation Network August 25, 2014

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