Twitter Blocks Swearing Against Celebrities, Famous People; No Clear Policy Yet For Malicious Tweets Against Average Users

Twitter is setting a crackdown against those users who employ harsh words in their Tweets.

Twitter February 26, 2017

Twitter Launches Video Platform To Rival Facebook; Sees Potential Revenue In Video Adverts After Increased Viewership

Twitter is taking on rivals Facebook and YouTube with its new platform to increase video offerings.

Twitter February 19, 2017

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Other Apps Significant Updates For Security & Quick Information On Communication

Numerous social apps were updated for security purposes online. However, some things are still left behind, including Twitters replies.

Twitter February 13, 2017

Twitter Launching New Anti-Abuse Tools

Twitter rolls-out new changes and tools to combat abusive tweets and users.

Twitter February 9, 2017

Step By Step Guide On How To Remove Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts From Your MacOS

Here is a guide on how to remove your social media accounts from your MacOS.

Twitter February 9, 2017

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Back At Donald Trump’s Remark About His Low ‘Apprentice’ Ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger responds to Donal Trumps remark at National Prayer Breakfast.

Twitter February 2, 2017

Twitter Comes With New Improvements, Updates And The New Vine Camera App

Twitter has apparently announced of shutting Vine down but it seems to not let go of it as the company declares a transition of Vine into a new Vine Camera App where its function seems to resemble but reportedly, the new app would be more utilitarian.

Twitter January 24, 2017

The Tragic Fate Of Vine: Social Network Bound To Transition Into Camera App This Month; Fans React

Twitter will totally shut down Vine on January 17. Viners need to download their Vines before the said date as downloading will be blocked when Vine becomes Vine Camera.

Twitter January 6, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Jet White Specs and Features: New Color Variant's Possibility of Release Weighed

With a mockup of a possible iPhone Jet White variant surfacing online, fans are hoping that they could see this new color option this year.

Twitter January 2, 2017

Twitter’s New Year Resolution To Work On Four Themes Based On Users’ Request, Including Abuse Prevention And

After Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey asked his millions of followers what they want to improve on Twitter, their response were abuse, edit, topics & interests and conversation.

Twitter December 31, 2016

Twitter Introduces 360-Degree Live Video Streaming on Its Periscope App

Twitter reveals support for 360-degree live video streaming on Periscope.

Twitter December 30, 2016

iPhone Unwrapped: 3 Must-Have Apps For Your New Apple iPhone

Got a new Apple iPhone for Christmas this year? Here are the three top apps for 2016 that you absolutely must download.

Twitter December 28, 2016

Twitter Just Got Worse In 2016; 30 Percent Drop In Stock Price

The departure of six of its 10 top executives and a nearly 30 percent drop in its stock price.

Twitter December 26, 2016

Kins Of Orlando Shooting Victims Sue Facebook, Twitter, Google

Online giants Facebook, Twitter and Google are facing a civil lawsuit file by the families of three Orlando shooting victims for their alleged role in radicalizing shooter Omar Mateen.

Twitter December 22, 2016

Marvel, Netflix, NFL Twitter Accounts Defaced By Hacking Group; OurMine Warns About Online Security Threats

The OurMine hacking group has struck again.

Twitter December 22, 2016

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