Xbox Scorpio Latest News: Price, Specs, Features & More

The Xbox Scorpio was recently the subject of leak where it was revealed that the unit will be sold at $399.

Xbox April 24, 2017

Xbox Live Issues Reported On Xbox One Earlier Today

Microsoft's Xbox Live Network seems to have run into some minor issues.

Xbox April 19, 2017

Xbox Two & PS 5 Latest News & Update: The Progress of Each Company's Next-Generation Console

PS5 recently claimed that they are nearing photorealism while Xbox Two's latest reveal are essential details about Microsoft's next-gen console.

Xbox April 15, 2017

Microsoft Project Scorpio Latest News: The Monster Console Is Already In Production; Pre-Order Starts By The Second Half Of 2017

Microsoft's codenamed Project Scorpio reportedly will start taking pre-orders right after the E3 event this year as speculations about the console currently in production are prevalent.

Xbox March 28, 2017

All The Xbox One Backward Compatible Games For The Month Of February

Nine new games are added in the Xbox One Backward Compatible games' list this February. The Xbox One Backwards compatibility project now has over 300 games on its list.

Xbox February 27, 2017

System Requirements For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Has Been Revealed For PC Users

The system requirements for the PC version of "Mass Effect Andromeda" has been announced on both minimum and recommended requirements.

Xbox February 26, 2017

Xbox Games With Gold: Free Games For March Include ‘Evolve’ & ‘Borderlands 2’

Here are the four free Xbox titles for Games with Gold for the month of March.

Xbox February 23, 2017

‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ Top-Selling Game in the U.S.; Producer Masachika Kawata Reveals the Reason of VR Production

“Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” is an important game in the long-running franchise of “Resident Evil.” Producer Masachika Kawata said that the game represents both a new direction and a return form for Capcom

Xbox February 19, 2017

‘Outlast 2’ News: A Survival Horror Game Causing Mental Breakdown; GameplayPurposely Designed to Challenge Players?

Red Barrels announced the development of “Outlast 2” in 2016 and has started to unveil more details about the game's second installment. The game creator, Philippe Morin revealed that they want to instill more physiological fear through the upcoming game.

Xbox February 19, 2017

$50 Xbox One Price Drop Announced, Xbox One And Xbox One S Bundles As Low As $250 On Sale

Microsoft Xbox is matching the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim price drop as it offers $50 price cut on all its Xbox One and Xbox One S bundle until Feb. 25.

Xbox February 18, 2017

Tweet Hints of Project Scorpio Unveiling at Microsoft E3 Briefing on June 11

Microsoft's unveiling of Project Scorpio moves one step closer as company tweets about the E3 2017 event.

Xbox February 18, 2017

Two New Games Added In Xbox Games With Gold List For February 2017

'Project Cars' and 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed' will be an Xbox games with gold title starting Feb. 16.

Xbox February 17, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Will Be Featured In Microsoft Xbox 2017 E3 Event, Xbox Fan Fest Also Announced

The Xbox Scorpio may be unveiled on June 11 during Microsoft Xbox's 2017 E3 Press Conference. The Xbox Fan Fest Will also be happening in this year's E3.

Xbox February 17, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Unveil May Happen On June 11 E3 Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Microsoft Xbox announced via its twitter page that it will be having its 2017 E3 press conference on June 11. The video game company hinted about a possible Xbox Scorpio news by using an image of the Scorpio as a background to its announcement.

Xbox February 16, 2017

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