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Apple's Siri Speaker Release At WWDC 2017? The High-End Speaker Tipped To Take On The Amazon Echo & Google Home [VIDEO]

Looks like Apple is all set to join Amazon, Google, and others in the battle for living AI assistants as reports about Apple's Siri speaker arriving at WWDC surfaces online.

Google Home May 2, 2017

Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users, Device Can Be 'trained' to Recognize Voices

Google Home can now respond to each user's inquiry with answers that are relevant to their specific information.

Google Home April 21, 2017

Google Home Latest Update Hints at Multi User Support Rolling out Soon

With multiple user support, Google Home will soon be able to distinguish different users via an integrated voice-recognition feature.

Google Home April 11, 2017

Google Just Added Voice Shopping To Its Google Home Smart Speaker

Google recently added another useful functionality to its Googe Home device, the ability to shop with your voice.

Google Home February 20, 2017

Ever Wondered Why Apple Is Not Challenging Amazon Echo And Google Home? Here’s The Reason Why

Apple is not looking to compete with smart speakers of Amazon and Google.

Google Home February 19, 2017

How Can Google Home Get The Upper hand Against The Amazon Echo in 2017? Here Are A Few Ways!

Here are ways that Google Home can make to beat the Amazon Echo in 2017.

Google Home February 12, 2017

Google Home & Amazon Echo Can Talk To Each Other

Give the correct instructions and you will be able to make Google Home and Amazon Alexa talk to each other.

Google Home January 17, 2017

Ubtech Robotics Partnered With Amazon To Bring Alexa To Its Latest Robot Called Lynx

Ubtech Robotics unveiled it latest robot with the integration of Amazon's Alexa.

Google Home January 6, 2017

Devices That Will Soon Be Compatible With Google Home, Announced At The CES 2017

Here are devices that will soon be compatible with the Google Home, as announced at the CES 2017

Google Home January 5, 2017

Lenovo Introduces Its Own Smart Assistant; Cheaper Than Amazon Echo

Lenovo introduces Smart Assistant much cheaper compared to Amazon echo.

Google Home January 4, 2017

Lenovo’s Amazon Alexa-powered Speaker And 6TB NAS Box Announced At CES 2017

Lenovo is now competing with smart home devices as it launches its Amazon Alexa-powered Speaker And 6TB NAS Box which will be available in the market by May 2017.

Google Home January 4, 2017

Google Home Tips: How To Set Up Your Own Google Assistant

Your dreams of having an AI assistant have been granted by Google Home.

Google Home January 2, 2017

Google Home: Here's How to Set Up And Program Your Smart Speaker To Assist You

Learn how to set your Google Home up.

Google Home December 27, 2016

Comparisons Between Amazon Echo And Google Home: Design, Streaming and AI

The differences between the Amazon Echo and Google Home examined.

Google Home December 26, 2016

Amazon Echo Contrasts With Google Home; Which Will Stand Taller?

Echo connects to an Amazon Assistant while Google Home brings you to an oceanic knowledge of Google.

Google Home December 26, 2016

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