iOS 6 "Sundance" Coming Out At WWDC 2012: Top 5 Expected Features

14 May 2012, 2:22 pm EDT By Johnny Wills Mobile & Apps

Apple fans are excited about the iOS 6 rumors making waves across the gigantic Internet ocean. The current version of iOS dubbed iOS 5 was revealed at Worldwide Developer Conference last year. Now Apple fanboys are looking forward to Apple's next mobile operating system, which is expected to debut at WWDC, set to kick off mid-June in San Francisco.

Technically, each major iOS update is focused on adding new features that have been lacking from the operating system. Like every iOS update in the past, iOS 6 is also bringing some new cool features to iGadgets. Here are the top expected in iOS which is currently being referred as "Sundance".

In-house Maps App

The Cupertino tech giant is about to ditch Google Maps in its new mobile operating system. Apple is building its own mapping platform and according to latest rumors, the design work has been finished. The new maps will feature excellent 3D Maps and an alternative to Google Street Maps too. It may also feature the turn-by-turn voice navigation system.

Toggles in Notification Tab

It is one of Droid feature, which Apple will bundle in its upcoming iOS version. Though some jailbreaks already offer this feature, but it can go official with the release of iOS 6.

Facebook Integration

Released earlier this year, iOS 5.1 brings deep Twitter integration to Apple devices and now it is the time for iOS to cozy up to Facebook. Users will be able to share their doings right away on Facebook on iOS 6-powered devices.

Tweaked Multi-tasking for iPad

Running two apps simultaneously is one thing, but viewing and working on both is another. Of course, iPad is multi-taking enabled but you have to jump back and forth between apps. Imagine a user browsing the internet while referring to a PDF e-book and everything goes on the screen. Split-screen multi-tasking could be a killer feature for Apple iPad.

Siri API

Siri received an update with iOS 5.1, but still it is in Beta state. Apple is expected to ditch the "Beta" moniker out of Siri. Rumors are high that iPhone-makers may release Siri API, allowing developers to integrate their respective apps with Siri.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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