iOS 6, Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 June Reveals: What to Expect

15 May 2012, 5:12 pm EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

June 2012 could reveal the future of three major mobile operating systems - iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Along with WWDC in June, where Apple is expected to preview iOS 6, the Windows Phone Developer Summit and the Google I/O are expected to reveal Windows Phone 8 and Jelly Bean respectively.

Worldwide Developers Conference (June 11-15)

WDDC opens the trio of conferences and is Apple's annual developer-focused conference, and therefore seems a natural fit for the next major version of iOS. There are no concrete details, though some users are wondering if Apple will overhaul the look and feel of iOS, which is largely identical to its debut in 2007. Some uses cite the lack of widget functionality and customization, with Apple not even allowing users to set the default e-mail client.

Regarding apps, Apple is reportedly working on a Google Maps competitor. Apple will likely make iOS 6 available to developers, which will run until the launch of the iPhone 5.

Windows Phone Developer Summit (June 20-21)

A leaked video of Joe Belfiore previewing Windows Phone 8 to Nokia employees preview Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft could reveal the operating system at the Summit.

There's an expectation Microsoft will continue to integrate all of its platforms. The company allows games to be saved on Windows Phones and resumed on the Xbox 360 with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2.

There's also the chance Microsoft will push developer support, especially with Windows 8 releasing in 2012. The similar UIs could mean developers will be able to ports apps across the platforms.

Skype integration and a new version of Internet Explorer, possibly based on internet Explorer 10, may also feature.

Google I/O (June 27-29)

Closing out the trio is Google. Despite the Samsung Galaxy S3 announcement on May 4, which runs Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android 4.0 releasing November 2011, Google could already be readying to reveal its next major version of Android: Jelly Bean. The I/O was delayed six weeks, which could be due to an imminent reveal.

Informationweek predicts Ice Cream Sandwich will reach "critical mass" in June or July 2012, so a Jelly Bean reveal could out-date those devices. Google has said, though, that yearly Android updates would be the new schedule.

If Google doesn't reveal Jelly Bean, it could unveil news apps or service. Last year the company announced Google Music.

(reported by Jonathan Charles, edited by Dave Clark)

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