Top 5 Diablo 3-Like PC Games You Should Consider Playing

21 May 2012, 1:58 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Diablo 3 is turning out to be one of the best PC game releases of 2012. For some, the game will take the crown of PC Game of The Year or even top the overall Game of The Year list. However, after you have finished playing the game's single player campaign and having a blast playing online with others, you might want to take a look at other games, which are similar to Diablo in style and gameplay. For now, these games are the best Diablo-like games you will ever come across, so check them out.

1. The Witcher

One of the best PC games ever made, The Witcher surrounds the story of Geralt of Rivia, who is one of the last surviving witchers. Witchers are monster hunters, who were given special training to be bad-asses on the battlefield. Their bodies are modified at an early age to have supernatural powers.

In the game you play as Geralt, a Witcher who has lost his memories. Your task is to help him to remember while killing and finding out things along the way.

2. Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an action RPG released back in 2006. The style of play is quite similar to that of Diablo, but while the game wasn't as good, it is still worth playing. The story here is about the end of communication between gods and men, which causes monsters to be everywhere terrorizing villages and farms. Your task is to create a hero, who can either be male or female, and set out to strike down these blood thirsty monsters.

3. Sacred Gold

Another great Diablo like game. Sadly, this one didn't taste the success it deserved. Sacred Gold is about a great Sakkara demon that was created by the necromancer Shaddar. However, things didn't go as planned and the demon escaped into the world of Ancaria.

This is where you come in.

Players must choose one of six characters to hunt the demon down and slay it. You can become a Gladiator, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Battle-Mage, Seraphim, and a Vampire.

4. Path of Exile

Not many have heard of this game, probably because it is free to play and the developers lack the budget to market it properly. Path of Exile is one of those free-to-play games that have the quality of games to be paid for. The graphics in the game look great, everything from the water down to the lightening is just astonishing for a free game.

There's not much of a story here, however. The player wakes up on the shores of Wraeclast, a continent that serves as base for criminals to do, well, criminal things. Not knowing why your character was exiled from wherever, you are pushed into battling creatures of the night.

The game entered closed beta on August 10, 2011, then open beta on March 30 2012 right through to April 1.

5. Dungeon Siege

This game is probably the most known among all the Diablo look-alikes, and the one that is most fun to play. The game put you in the shoe of a humble farmer who is forced to pick up arms after his life was turned upside down by a small band of creatures. Mr. farmer dude sets out to find help, only to learn that other parts of the kingdom is being attacked and this is where a mere farmer becomes not the hero the kingdom deserved, but the hero it needed.

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