Apple Mac Mini Release Expected In Early 2017 With Kaby Lake Processor & USB Type-C

29 November 2016, 7:30 am EST By Prakash Mobile & Apps

Apple remains silent about its Mac Mini for over a year with no information on the new installment's release date.

Rumors are surfacing that the product line could be discontinued. However, it seems that the updated Mac Mini could be unveiled early next year.

Mac World reported that the reason behind the same is Intel's Kaby Lake processor. The main reason could be that Intel Kaby Lake processors are most likely to appear by early next year, many feel that Mac Mini, if launched now, could not be limited to Sky lake processors.

In terms of power and processing, we expect that the Mac Mini 2017 will be featuring some major changes which includes Intel's new processor among others. Many feel that it would be a significant boost over the current processor of Mac mini and Apple will definitely update features of mac mini.

Hence, it is logical to assume that the update to Mac Mini largely depends on the release of the Kaby Lake processors. There is only a slight chance that it could be launched in the rumored event later this month.

When it comes to desing, the Mini Mac is expected to bring some major changes due to delay in launch. Also, a thinner design seems to be very much in the cards.

According to News Maritime, there is a huge possibility that the upcoming Mac Mini could have upgraded RAM capacity, at least in the case of the entry-level model.

There are popular demands of seeing more flash drive options in the new Mac Mini models like USB-C, which is getting more popularity in current Apple products.

Stay tuned for more updates and rumors about the new Mac Mini.

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