GTA 5: Top 5 Features in Our Wish List

21 May 2012, 5:16 pm EDT By Johnny Wills Mobile & Apps

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is probably the best example of a modern day game that every gamer is aware of. GTA makers Rockstar has set many milestones with the GTA franchise titles including the best selling title shot on Playstation 2 with its GTA: San Andreas. The last installment of GTA was GTA IV released in 2008.

Now the Scottish game developer is gearing up for the next installment in GTA series that is likely to be called "GTA V" or "GTA 5". As far as release date is concerned, it was believed that the game will debut in December this year.

Here are top 5 features that we expect in GTA 5.

Online Multiplayer Mode

I remember the good old days - playing GTA: San Andreas with my brother on Playstation 2 in multiplayer mode where one player used to control the ride and another one shoot at the police cars chasing you. I was hoping for a multiplayer mode in GTA IV. Unfortunately, Rockstar never tried to think on that part.

This time rumors are high that GTA 5 will have a co-op mode. Users will be able to add more hands to the gang by inviting buddies to the online group where they will be able to challenge rivals to a fight. Players will be able to upload gang symbol and conquer more territory.  Alternatively, they can loot banks and stores to add some extra cash to the pocket. There could be ATM's in the game too.

Car Customization

GTA IV includes some new cool realistic feature, but also some of the older yet useful features were removed with car customization being one of them. We are counting high for this feature to be included again in GTA titles. GTA 5 would give option to player to add artillery to the rides like fitting rocket launcher or a flame thrower in the front of a car, along with the regular customization options.


Older GTA's have a wireless telephone, technically a first-generation cell phone, while we come to see a Nokia-like cell phone in GTA IV, where player used to call buddies, text messages or order products through phone line. In the next installment of GTA, we expecting for a smartphone with modern day features like voice guided navigation system (something like Google Maps), web browser and e-mail app.

Buy and Sell Properties

The warehouse buying ideology is hitting our brains again. The official trailer of GTA 5 that was released back last year includes some screenshots of houses on sale. In GTA: San Andreas, player used to buy warehouses located on different parts of the map. The feature somehow was neglected in GTA IV but is again coming back in a boosted form in GTA 5. Player would be able buy bars, restaurants, motels, gun shops, etc. and re-sell them for fast-cash. These properties will even yield income to player, similar to money collection concept in GTA: Vice City.

Helicopters and Boats

The existing GTA titles are mainly focused on traffic fun. Gamers are not able to get out the car stealing routine and explore the second dimension. The leaked GTA 5 vehicle list, consisting 10 helicopters and 25 boats, indicates that it is going to be some serious air time play and water fun in the next GTA title. We are also expecting some in-air warfare too.

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