343 Industries Answer Fan Questions on Halo 4: What You Need to Know

11 June 2012, 10:11 am EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

Even with 2012's Electronic Entertainment Expo over, the hype for Halo 4 - which was considered best game of the show by some - is at an all-time high for some fans. Multiplayer Designer David Ellis, and Lead Multiplayer Designer Kevin Franklin, took questions from the fans over the weekend and here's what they had to say.

Ordnance Drops

Both were asked to explain Ordnance Drops, which have been confusing for some players and fans wondered whether the new weapon spawning system is playlist wide. Most games will have an initial weapon drop that's tailored towards the map/gametype, and will be consistent across matches if the mode and map stay the same.

There are also Global Ordnance Drops which spawn in one of a number of set, random locations (in other words, weapons don't spawn in a single set place). The choice of weapon is also random, but planned, and random in spawn time. Dropped items, which are not confined to weapons, show on the map for everyone until picked up.

As a third layer, Personal Ordnance Drops can be earned in specific gametypes. At E3, 343 Industries invited MLG professionals to test the game, playing Infinity Slayer - a point-based Team Slayer variant - which has Personal Ordnance Drops.

Weapons Spawns

Specific items are random, though the class of item isn't and the options to choose from are tailored for the map and gametype. For example, a small and enclosed map won't see a Sniper Rifle. Whether the weapon is exclusive to larger maps is unconfirmed.

Personal Drops are earned by reaching a "score threshold" - which seemed to be five kills judging by the MLG players - but become more difficult to earn after the first (the required threshold gets higher after each drop).

Spawning a Personal Drop has it appear in front of the player, and will remain exclusive to the player for a short period. Only the player has a waypoint for the drop, and will remain if the weapon is dropped when killed and it is not picked up.

Instant Respawns Impacting Medals

Halo 4 also features an instant respawn system by tapping "X," and a fan asked how the Extermination medal - which is achieved for killing the opposing team before a player respawns - will work. It is harder to earn, but there is a variant that will reward the medal for killing the opposing team in a "fixed period."

Other Q&As said Spartan Ops does scale its difficulty according to the number of players, and Covenant will speak the native language. The exception is that Grunts will use the human equivalent for important words, and 343 Industries said to "pay attention" when that happens.

Halo 4 launches on the Xbox 360 November 6.

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