Japan's Solid Attempt to Strike Back at Gaming Industry; Nintendo & Capcom Spearheading

29 December 2016, 11:01 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Gaming industry is currently peppered with titles and devices that are western in origin, but 2016 witnessed Japan's attempt to strike back to prominence. It is safe to say that Japan is now inching towards its former golden era with December's PSX event culminating the attack of the rising sun.

Starting with the nostalgic feel that Nintendo Entertainment System Classic and Family Computer Mini paving the way ahead for Nintendo Switch invasion in 2017, Japan didn't fizzle this time around. Nintendo NES and FamiCom are in-demand and those who pushed the gaming buttons a generation ago were hyped-up. 2016 simply presented a resurgence of Japan's classic games, EuroGamer said.

Now going into the best video games that Japan pitched in for 2016; think of "Final Fantasy XV" and "The Last Guardian." These two titles basically nailed everything that is Japan. While it is debatable that this two would suffice to counter West's attack, everyone can agree that gaming landscape of 2016 changed upon arrival of this duo.

Then there is "Street Fighter V" that started February with a rocky start. However, the season 2 of this game changed the whole view about martial arts combat-niched gaming. "Dark Souls 3" is another title that is profitable and bankable. Again, these are Japan's answer to worldwide gaming tussle.

Since nostalgia was mentioned, let us delve deeper to where Japan sat in the gaming industry 14 years ago, The Verge reported. That year saw Japan reaping 50 percent of total gaming market and hardware to titles were emanating from the East. There was a drastic decline in 2010 when dominance dipped to heartbreaking 10%, thanks to economic recession and limited spending.

So at the advent of 2017, expect more from the once leader of gaming industry. Nintendo, Capcom and other big names are all fired up and ready to take on what's been left from years back. After all, Score Studio's James Kay believes that gamers still have that high adoration over every gaming element that is Japan.

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