Blackberry Mercury Specs, Features, Release Date: CES 2017 Cameo Intrigues!

8 January 2017, 7:40 am EST By Rommel Parr Mobile & Apps

"Blackberry Mercury" is definitely coming this year, using one of its advantages - its QWERTY features. Fans of the business phone have been enticed of a new Smartphone recently and when the prototype of the said phone was mentioned during the CES 2017 show, people quickly got nostalgic as its golden years flashed before their eye. TCL is now the company in charge of fabricating the hardware of Blackberry. Release date is still unknown and the details of the said phone are not yet revealed but Jason Gerdon, senior manager of TCL America gives out the specs and features of the said phone.

BlackBerry Mercury Specs & Features: Pre-production of the said model have been in the works and gone are days that the users desired a keyboard is attached to a Smartphone but it seems like the business handsets will bring back the QWERTY. The handsets will be similar to Passports - no sliding display and does not have the traditional shape of a Smartphone with full-faced touch display. It is an Android handset with three capacitive buttons.

The keyboard display returns at the bottom of capacitive keys and features dividing each row. This is obviously there to aid users to type and make they keyboard feel more solid. Another feature in the new handset is on the spacebar as it doubles as a home button. The space bar is also where the fingerprint sensor is found.

Blackberry Mercury Camera: Reports suggest that the cam for this handset is an 18-megapixel rear sensor however, there are those who claim it to be only a 13-megapixel cam. The Priv's camera will be the best ever that Blackberry bears. Front camera is at 8-megapixel sensor; LED flash on the rear benefits the Smartphone.

Blackberry Mercury Price, Release Date, Schedule: There is still not much to be known about this new handset. Some reports suggest that it will have Snapdragon 625 CPU with only a 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM. The launch is expected to be at the end of the first quarter of the year at the Mobile World Congress. Price of the phone is expected to be at $500, but still tentative depending on the final specs.

Can Blackberry return to the limelight and re-emerge as one of the dominant tech companies in smartphone industry? Here is more about the new phone:

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