'Final Fantasy XV' Gil Sources: How To Get Up To 500,000 Gil The Fast Easy Way; Tips & Tricks

10 January 2017, 4:12 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

In "Final Fantasy XV," Gil is the game's form of currency and despite Noctis being a royalty, Gil does not come by easily. Here are the tips and tricks on how to get fast money through Gil farming.

Gil is a necessity in "Final fantasy XV' as it is used for healing items, keeping the Regalia fuelled, renting Chocobos and, most especially, buying something to eat. Luckily, there are a number of sources of income that you can always depend on to help you through the entire adventure.

For faster Gil farming, first go to the left side of the map. There is an outpost on the circling road near the volcano. Talk to the tipster and then join the Wyvern quest. After that, go to the quest location and use the ring of Lucii, which has an equivalent of 4-5 seconds per kill.

Each time you kill the Wyvern, you will get an item, and you can sell it at 1,600 Gil per item. You can do these steps all over again and sell as many as you can. Another way of farming Gil fast is through Juice Monsters. In Juice Monster, get 99 gold and the prize can be sold in exchange for 500,000 Gil

Hunting Contracts on "Final Fantasy XV"

The most reliable and profitable form of income is in the form of Hunts. Hunts give rewards in the thousands and as you progress to higher levels, habitually into six digits. IBTimes notes that hunts can be acquired by speaking to any Chef you come across -- the tougher the target, the grander the rewards. For more steady jobs, you can go to either Vyv and Holly.

These guys are found in the parking area in Lestallum after Chapter 3 and next to the Lestallum Power Plant in Chapter 8. Vyv wages anything between 5,000 Gil and 25,000 Gil for photos of certain locations. Holly's jobs, on the other hand, normally necessitate players to check out different areas that are rewarded with an average of 7,500 Gil, says Eurogamer.

Monster Drops

On a similar note, monsters will spew out random loot when killed by upgrading Gladio's survival skills the occurrence and value of the drops are increased. More often, these monsters drop something you can sell. At other times they will drop something that saves you from having to buy one. Either way the effect is adding money in your pocket.

Side Quests

Most "Final Fantasy XV" side-quests give you some Gil for participation. However, like EXP, some are more lucrative than others. You can check broken down cars by the roadside, which often hand out four-digit rewards. Monster rescues also give out four-digit rewards whenever you explore on foot.

To complete these side quests, always carry potions with you. Furthermore, get every Scraps of Mystery map piece and you can sell the Mythril Ingot treasure for 20,000 Gil. In addition, taking down Adamantoise gets you 50,000 EXP and 50,000 Gil as a reward for the marathon battle.

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