Razer's Project Ariana Debuts At CES 2017; Projector Gives A New Gaming Experience

10 January 2017, 5:14 am EST By Nicole T. Mobile & Apps

Razer, one of the leading gaming equipment brands today, got a lot of attention at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas recently. Its brainchild, Project Ariana, took center stage promising to change the gaming experience.

The gaming projector had bagged several awards at CES 2017, including "Best Gaming Product," writes COG Connected. Razer's offering also gained the "People's Choice" award from Engadget, the official partner for the event. The device was also nominated for "Best Home Theater Product" and "Best Disruption Tech."

Razer has won "Best of CES" awards for seven consecutive years. For Project Ariana, the projector will help gamers get fully immersed into the game. It is a projector that allows a player to enjoy a game on either the TV or the wall. Once a gamer is playing a title, the projector displays images in the periphery on the wall and surrounding furniture, as Venture Beat notes.

The device iss able to do this through the Razer Chroma lighting technology that it features. This is combined with 4K video production technology and laser sensors, along with game code integration from publishers of the games themselves.

At the moment, Project Ariana is still an experimental technology, but Razer has plans to launch it as a consumer-ready model by the end 2017. The company is now open to suggestions and inquiries about the device on its official Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Apart from Project Ariana, Razer's newest offering for its personal line of computers was also recognized during CES. One of its laptop concepts, named Project Valerie, features a three-monitored device in 4K. Since its release, Project Valerie has garnered 19 awards from various award-winning bodies, most notably a "Best of CES" from PC Mag and similar awards from Time.com, Fox News and more.

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