Sony Stops its Pay-Per-View Streaming Service On Playstation 3

11 January 2017, 4:00 am EST By Shena Golosino Mobile & Apps

For PlayStation 3 users who enjoyed using the Live Events Viewer app, there's some bad news. Sony has removed the pay-per-view streaming feature on PlayStation 3 and will make it available only to those who will purchase the PlayStation 4. This means that PS3 owners will no longer be able to buy access to live events from the PlayStation Store. 

In 2013, Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 can be used to purchase and view upcoming pay-per-view content. The best part was that users were not required to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to use the app. While rolling out feature back in 2013, Sony had promised new programming weekly and made free content available in addition to pay-per-view content.

The WWE SummerSlam that happened at Los Angeles' Staples Center last August 18, 2013 was one of the first events that users were able to watch on the PlayStation 3, using the Live Events Viewer app. It can also be recalled that Sony's PlayStation Rival, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was already offering a pay-per-view content.

This year, according to Engadget, Sony has announced that the Live Events Viewer will no longer function for PlayStation 3. The app will be made available exclusively for PS4 users only. On January 10, the app has stopped working, except for those who own PS4. The on-demand and live content features will still be available to this upgraded game console. 

So, if you are planning to watch this year's UFC and WWE specials on Sony's Live Events Viewer app, you better have a PlayStation 4.

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