'Gravity Rush 2' Review [VIDEO]: Here's What Makes The PS4 Exclusive This Year's Biggest & Best Game

11 January 2017, 10:15 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Most of the games that have been released on Sony's PS Vita have managed to garner a limited audience. As a result, these games are remembered by few.

Plenty of these games do not get remastered for PS4 about four years after their release and not too many get treated to full-scale sequels just the following year. However, "Gravity Rush" is an exception. Directed by Keiichiro Toyama, "Gravity Rush 2" gets a larger stage with the PS4.

Deemed as this year's first and presumably the only big-budget video game, "Gravity Rush 2" centers on a young jumper-loving woman, Kat. Using a cat made of stardust, the superheroine of the action-adventure video game and her cat strive for a consequential economic rebalancing.

"Gravity Rush 2" is set in the sky on an assortment of villages and cities that are constructed onto man-made islands that stay afloat on air. While the upper class lives in roomy estates in clear skies, a slew of marketplaces snuggled up by sun-cooked apartment buildings exist miles below, in the clouds. On the lowest island, living quarters and industrialization are stockpiled onto each other, bonded with a purple, mucousy fog, TheVerge reported.

The lead character of "Gravity Rush 2," Kat is a mysterious woman capable of controlling gravity using her kitty sidekick Dusty. She dives straight through the air in the direction the player chooses, putting gravity on hold and re-starting it at will as she grabs and throws people, objects, and enemies forcefully with the help of "stasis fields."

Kat is also capable of tilting the whole world in order to drift along the ground. She uses her power to guard the weak against any sort of harm while defending her cities and battling a clan of evil beasts known as Nevi at the same time, according to DigitalTrends.

"Gravity Rush 2" is quite extensive and it feels nothing short of an entire trilogy that is embedded into one very long game. As the game gains ground, the protagonist has been taken in by the immigrant clan of nomadic gravity ore mines, Banga Settlement. Following the game's prelude, they dock in the colossal Jirga Para Lhao.

In the first act, which is basically a story of revolution set in the city of Jirga Para Lhao, Kat teams up with an underground criminal element in order to oust the floating city's evil council of rulers. Meanwhile, the second and third acts of the game occur in Hekseville, the run-down brownstone city from the original "Gravity Rush," which has now received a much-needed makeover. In Hekseville, Kat lock horns with a mad scientist and his cherubic daughters as they attempt to freeze time itself.

Things get really crazy in the third, final chapter as it rolls out a professedly unceasing troop of enemies every time the players think they're almost done. But that's not all; another epilogue is likely to unravel as the player reaches towards the end of the final chapter. On the bright side, the game seems to answer some of the series' important questions at this stage.

To sum it up, it is a long, epic journey -- over 40 hours even if a player opts to skip some side quest and skill challenge. Granted it doesn't always pan out, citing the connections that put these settings together into a single narrative feel insubstantial. "Gravity Rush 2" hit the store shelves on January 20 for PS4. 

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