Apple iPad Mini 5 News: A Thinner iPad Mini May Launch In March With Many Other Upgrades!

11 January 2017, 5:40 am EST By Niyati S. Mobile & Apps

The Apple iPad Mini 5 may be hitting the tech market in March this year. Several sources suggest that the latest version of iPad Mini may arrive earlier than anticipated this year, with a March release. Fans will have to wait for a short time before it is actually released.

Tech experts state that March is a good time for Apple to release iPad Mini 5 as it has been working on it for almost a year now. The last addition to the iPad Mini series was made in September 2015. Last year, fans were awaiting some kind of update or news relating to the iPad Mini 5 in the October MacBook Pro event. However, Apple did not mention even a tiny detail about the handy gadgets.

The iPad Pro was released at the end of March 2016. This is the reason everyone believes the iPad Mini 5 may be officially released in the same time frame this year. A lot of speculation currently exists about different aspects of iPad Mini 5 including its actual release date and specs. About the features and attributes, Apple may opt to modify the old features of the tab device. However, such revamping does not necessarily mean a lot of improvement in the device.

The design may be a little more old school and conservative as compared to the other iPad Minis released before iPad Mini 5. It is said to be thinner than the previous model which was only 6.1 mm thick in itself. Will iPad Mini 5 be surpassing the thickness of Galaxy Tab S2? Galaxy Tab S is 5.6 mm thick currently. If the iPad Mini 5 becomes even thinner, it may result in the battery becoming smaller. The outer cover is going to be made of durable aluminium metal, in all probability. This is similar to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Maybe Apple can also include smart connectors, much like the iPad Pro model- that leaves iPad Mini 5 open to the possibility of getting a Smart Keyboard for itself. Apart from all these features, Apple may also be working on providing the iPad Mini 5 specs a boost with 3D Touch pressure sensitive screen. The front camera may be 1.2 megapixels and the back camera may be a respectable 8 megapixels. The iPad Mini 5 may be released in models of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

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